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En Route/Scheduled to UNKL Krasnoyarsk Yemelyanovo Airport (Krasnoyarsk) [UNKL]
Departure Time
Arrival Time
AFL1484A321Sheremetyevo Int'l ()Mon 10:35PM MSKTue 07:05AM +07
TYA107B738Domodedovo Int'l ()Mon 10:15PM MSKTue 06:45AM +07
GLP71B738Domodedovo Int'l ()Mon 09:35PM MSKTue 06:05AM +07
UTA571B738Vnukovo ()Mon 09:10PM MSKTue 05:50AM +07
LLM391A320Domodedovo Int'l ()Mon 08:45PM MSKTue 05:15AM +07
AFL1480A321Sheremetyevo Int'l ()Mon 08:20PM MSKTue 04:50AM +07
SDM6573A319Pulkovo ()Mon 07:35PM MSKTue 04:15AM +07
SHU5640A319Khabarovsk Novy ()Mon 09:00PM +10Mon 10:10PM +07
TYA82AT43 ()Mon 11:00AM UTCMon 08:55PM +07
GLP73B738Domodedovo Int'l ()Mon 10:05AM MSKMon 06:35PM +07
TYA34AT43Bogashevo ()Mon 04:55PM +07Mon 06:00PM +07
UTA132AT72Irkutsk Int'l ()Mon 02:45PM +08Mon 04:15PM +07
UTA239AT72Novosibirsk Tolmachevo ()Mon 02:40PM +07Mon 04:05PM +07
SVR2920A320Khudzhand ()Mon 10:00AM +05Mon 03:15PM +07
LLM29CRJ2Novosibirsk Tolmachevo ()Mon 02:05PM +07Mon 03:05PM +07
TYA208B738Norilsk ()Mon 11:00AM +08Mon 02:25PM +07
IAA172CRJ2Novosibirsk Tolmachevo ()Mon 02:15PM +07Mon 02:20PM +07
UZB683A320Tashkent ()Mon 08:45AM +05Mon 02:05PM +07
RME4441SU9 ()Mon 12:15AM UTCMon 10:05AM +07
UTA131AT72Bogashevo ()Mon 09:40AM +07Mon 09:55AM +07
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