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Scheduled Departures: Irkutsk Int'l Airport (Irkutsk) [UIII]
Departure Time
Arrival Time
IAA141AN24Odessa-Schlemeyer Field ()Thu 12:50PM +08Thu 02:10AM CDT
RME460SU9 ()Thu 01:40PM +08Thu 07:35AM UTC
IAA879SU9 ()Thu 05:20AM +08Wed 10:50PM UTC
AVJ968B733Manas Int'l ()Thu 03:30PM +08Thu 05:10PM +06
DRU548AN24Polyarny ()Thu 07:40AM +08Thu 01:50PM ChST
SVR673A320Khabarovsk Novy ()Thu 12:40AM +08Thu 05:40AM +10
SHU5653A319Khabarovsk Novy ()Wed 01:05AM +08Wed 06:05AM +10
IAA113CRJ2Sokol ()Wed 02:00AM +08Wed 09:10AM +11
SBI3216A320Vladivostok Int'l ()Tue 11:55PM +08Wed 05:51AM +10
SVR385A320Vladivostok Int'l ()Wed 05:00AM +08Wed 11:00AM +10
IAA103CRJ2Kadala ()Thu 09:45AM +08Thu 12:40PM ChST
IAA105CRJ2Kadala ()Wed 03:50AM +08Wed 06:50AM ChST
IAA9172CRJ2Mukhino ()Thu 08:20PM +08Thu 09:53PM +09
IAA159AN24 ()Thu 08:00AM +08Thu 01:20AM UTC
IAA161AN24 ()Wed 10:50AM +08Wed 06:00AM UTC
IAA161AN24 ()Thu 11:10AM +08Thu 06:00AM UTC
DRU572AN24 ()Wed 08:10AM +08Wed 03:20AM UTC
IAA225SU9Barnaul ()Thu 10:00AM +08Thu 10:50AM +07
IAA247SU9Krasnoyarsk Yemelyanovo ()Wed 04:20PM +08Wed 04:35PM +07
UTA132AT72Krasnoyarsk Yemelyanovo ()Wed 02:45PM +08Wed 04:15PM +07
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