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Departures: Queen Beatrix Int'l Airport (Oranjestad) [TNCA]
Arrival Time
TFL364B788Amsterdam Schiphol ()Wed 08:51PM ASTThu 10:14AM CET
INC410F50Hato Int'l ()Wed 07:42PM ASTWed 08:01PM ASTWed 08:01PM AST
KLM765A333Flamingo Int'l ()Wed 07:38PM ASTWed 07:59PM ASTWed 07:59PM AST
AMF6902B190Luis Munoz Marin Intl ()Wed 07:32PM ASTWed 08:19PM ASTWed 08:19PM AST
ARE3511A320El Dorado Int'l ()Wed 07:18PM ASTWed 07:40PM COTWed 07:40PM COT
ARU821A320Miami Intl ()Wed 06:41PM ASTWed 07:22PM ESTWed 07:14PM EST
GLG8381A320El Dorado Int'l ()Wed 06:27PM ASTWed 07:18PM COTWed 06:52PM COT
JBU674A320Boston Logan Intl ()Wed 06:23PM ASTWed 09:52PM EST
AAL877A320Charlotte/Douglas Intl ()Wed 05:58PM ASTWed 08:38PM EST
ACA1295A319Toronto Pearson Int'l ()Wed 05:42PM ASTWed 09:24PM EST
INC408MD83Hato Int'l ()Wed 05:25PM ASTWed 05:47PM ASTWed 05:47PM AST
UAL1043B739Newark Liberty Intl ()Wed 05:24PM ASTWed 08:27PM EST
JBU1058A321John F Kennedy Intl ()Wed 05:18PM ASTWed 08:24PM EST
DAL654B764Hartsfield-Jackson Intl ()Wed 05:08PM ASTWed 07:52PM ESTWed 07:52PM EST
AAL1028B738Miami Intl ()Wed 04:52PM ASTWed 06:28PM ESTWed 06:28PM EST
UAL1039B738Newark Liberty Intl ()Wed 04:14PM ASTWed 07:37PM ESTWed 07:37PM EST
SWA1631B737Orlando Intl ()Wed 03:36PM ASTWed 05:48PM ESTWed 05:48PM EST
DAL722B738John F Kennedy Intl ()Wed 03:28PM ASTWed 06:48PM ESTWed 06:48PM EST
JBU774A320Boston Logan Intl ()Wed 02:26PM ASTWed 05:50PM ESTWed 05:49PM EST
JBU1858A321John F Kennedy Intl ()Wed 02:00PM ASTWed 05:11PM ESTWed 05:11PM EST
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