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En Route/Scheduled to TJSJ Luis Munoz Marin Intl Airport (San Juan, PR) [TJSJ]
Departure Time
Arrival Time
IBE6301A332Barajas Int'l ()Sat 04:00PM CESTSat 04:33PM CESTSat 06:43PM AST
AAL2481A321Dallas-Fort Worth Intl ()Sat 12:59PM CDTSat 01:27PM CDTSat 06:30PM AST
TJ105PC12Gustaf III ()Sat 02:55PM ASTSat 03:52PM AST
JBU703A321John F Kennedy Intl ()Sat 03:45PM EDTSat 04:08PM EDTSat 07:34PM AST
TJ155PC12Gustaf III ()Sat 04:20PM ASTSat 05:17PM AST
TJ603PC12Anguilla Wallblake ()Sat 04:30PM ASTSat 05:23PM AST
GPD426PC12Vance W. Amory Int'l ()Sat 04:55PM ASTSat 05:19PM ASTSat 06:19PM AST
JBU2038A320Las Americas ()Sat 05:11PM ASTSat 05:30PM ASTSat 06:18PM AST
KAP1608BN2PVieques (Antonio Rivera Rodriguez) ()Sat 05:23PM ASTSat 06:33PM AST
SBS3518SF34Henry E Rohlsen ()Sat 05:25PM ASTSat 06:48PM AST
AAL1570B738Miami Intl ()Sat 05:25PM EDTSat 05:38PM EDTSat 07:46PM AST
FDX251MD11Memphis Intl ()Sat 04:31PM CDTSat 04:34PM CDTSat 09:01PM AST
AAL1347B738Philadelphia Intl ()Sat 05:44PM EDTSat 09:31PM AST
TJ127PC12Gustaf III ()Sat 05:50PM ASTSat 06:50PM AST
TJ117PC12Gustaf III ()Sat 05:50PM ASTSat 06:50PM AST
TJ107PC12Gustaf III ()Sat 05:50PM ASTSat 06:47PM AST
GPD107PC12Gustaf III ()Sat 05:50PM ASTSat 06:53PM AST
JBU1853A320Fort Lauderdale Intl ()Sat 05:53PM EDTSat 09:14PM AST
AAL1187B738Chicago O'Hare Intl ()Sat 04:55PM CDTSat 10:24PM AST
KAP4681Terrance B. Lettsome Int'l ()Sat 05:58PM ASTSat 06:35PM AST
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