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Departures: VC Bird Int'l Airport (Saint John's, Antigua) [TAPA]
Arrival Time
VIR34A333London Gatwick ()Thu 04:59PM ASTFri 05:43AM BST
AAL978B738John F Kennedy Intl ()Thu 04:14PM ASTThu 08:02PM EDT
MTN7105C208Luis Munoz Marin Intl ()Thu 04:55PM ASTThu 06:43PM AST
AAL2405B738Miami Intl ()Thu 03:32PM ASTThu 06:29PM EDT
LIA523AT72Melville Hall ()Thu 05:43PM ASTThu 06:09PM AST
BAW2157B772Providenciales Int'l ()Thu 03:40PM ASTThu 05:20PM ASTThu 05:14PM AST
LIA321AT43Pointe ()Thu 03:13PM ASTThu 03:30PM ASTThu 03:30PM AST
BWA458B738Norman Manley Int'l ()Thu 10:07AM ASTThu 11:17AM ESTThu 11:17AM EST
LIA314AT72Princess Juliana Int'l ()Thu 11:24AM ASTThu 11:51AM ASTThu 11:51AM AST
LIA521AT72Grantley Adams Int'l ()Thu 10:15AM ASTThu 11:30AM ASTThu 11:30AM AST
IWY632E120Terrance B. Lettsome Int'l ()Thu 10:07AM ASTThu 10:42AM ASTThu 10:45AM AST
LIA773AT43Grantley Adams Int'l ()Thu 06:06AM ASTThu 07:15AM ASTThu 07:15AM AST
LIA381AT72Melville Hall ()Thu 06:12AM ASTThu 06:40AM ASTThu 06:40AM AST
BAW2256B772London Gatwick ()Wed 07:04PM ASTThu 07:32AM BSTThu 07:32AM BST
AAL978B738John F Kennedy Intl ()Wed 05:51PM ASTWed 09:39PM EDTWed 09:39PM EDT
LIA512AT72Robert L. Bradshaw Int'l ()Wed 07:59PM ASTWed 08:16PM ASTWed 08:16PM AST
LIA523AT72Grantley Adams Int'l ()Wed 05:36PM ASTWed 07:38PM ASTWed 07:23PM AST
LIA309AT43George F. L. Charles ()Wed 06:04PM ASTWed 06:56PM ASTWed 06:56PM AST
MTN7105C208Luis Munoz Marin Intl ()Wed 05:08PM ASTWed 06:41PM ASTWed 06:15PM AST
N963HLC208Princess Juliana Int'l ()Wed 05:11PM ASTWed 06:15PM ASTWed 06:15PM AST
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