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Departures: General Jose Antonio Anzoategui Int'l Airport (Barcelona, Anzoategui) [SVBC]
Arrival Time
ROI1138B732 ()Sun 08:52PM VETMon 01:50AM UTCMon 01:50AM UTC
ROI1018B732Simon Bolivar Int'l (Maiquetia Int'l) ()Sun 08:30PM VETSun 09:34PM VETSun 09:34PM VET
ROI805B734Arturo Michelena Int'l ()Sun 07:57PM VETSun 08:30PM VETSun 08:30PM VET
ROI1260B734Jose Joaquin de Olmedo Int'l ()Sun 04:55PM VETSun 07:12PM ECTSun 07:12PM ECT
ROI1010B732Simon Bolivar Int'l (Maiquetia Int'l) ()Sun 04:00PM VETSun 04:40PM VETSun 04:40PM VET
ROI1222A343Miami Intl ()Sun 03:51PM VETSun 06:40PM ESTSun 06:40PM EST
ROI1108B732Del Caribe Int'l (Gen. Santiago Marino) ()Sun 03:20PM VETSun 03:35PM VETSun 03:35PM VET
ROI1220B734Miami Intl ()Sun 08:50AM VETSun 11:44AM ESTSun 11:41AM EST
ROI802B732Arturo Michelena Int'l ()Sun 07:10AM VETSun 07:51AM VETSun 07:51AM VET
ROI1159B734La Chinita Int'l ()Sat 07:55PM VETSat 09:05PM VETSat 09:05PM VET
ROI1018B732Simon Bolivar Int'l (Maiquetia Int'l) ()Sat 07:45PM VETSat 08:14PM VETSat 08:14PM VET
ROI805B732Arturo Michelena Int'l ()Sat 07:22PM VETSat 08:05PM VETSat 08:05PM VET
ROI1260B734Jose Joaquin de Olmedo Int'l ()Sat 05:09PM VETSat 07:27PM ECTSat 07:27PM ECT
ROI1270B732Eduardo Gomes Int'l ()Sat 05:00PM VETSat 07:41PM AMTSat 07:41PM AMT
ROI1010B732Simon Bolivar Int'l (Maiquetia Int'l) ()Sat 04:07PM VETSat 04:50PM VETSat 04:50PM VET
ROI1222A343Miami Intl ()Sat 03:27PM VETSat 06:16PM ESTSat 06:13PM EST
ROI1108B732Del Caribe Int'l (Gen. Santiago Marino) ()Sat 02:56PM VETSat 03:15PM VETSat 03:15PM VET
ROI809B734Arturo Michelena Int'l ()Sat 02:37PM VETSat 03:04PM VET03:04PM VET (?)
YV-3265Del Caribe Int'l (Gen. Santiago Marino) ()Sat 11:27AM VETSat 11:50AM VET11:50AM VET (?)
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