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Departures: Cayenne-Rochambeau Airport (Matoury) [SOCA]
Arrival Time
AFR605A320Lamentin ()Sun 08:35PM GFTSun 09:30PM ASTSun 09:30PM AST
AZU8721AT72Val de Caes Int'l ()Sun 06:15PM GFTSun 07:23PM BRTSun 07:13PM BRT
AFR853A343Paris Orly ()Sun 05:50PM GFTMon 06:49AM CESTMon 06:49AM CEST
AFR853A343Paris Orly ()Sat 06:03PM GFTSun 07:01AM CESTSun 07:02AM CEST
AFR601A320Lamentin ()Sat 12:18PM GFTSat 01:24PM ASTSat 01:24PM AST
AFR605A320Lamentin ()Fri 08:28PM GFTFri 09:24PM ASTFri 09:24PM AST
AFR853A343Paris Orly ()Fri 07:02PM GFTSat 07:06AM CESTSat 07:06AM CEST
AFR601A320Lamentin ()Fri 12:42PM GFTFri 01:37PM ASTFri 01:37PM AST
AFR853A343Paris Orly ()Thu 05:58PM GFTFri 07:08AM CESTFri 07:08AM CEST
AZU8721AT72Val de Caes Int'l ()Thu 05:10PM GFTThu 07:16PM BRTThu 07:06PM BRT
AFR601A320Lamentin ()Thu 12:52PM GFTThu 01:53PM ASTThu 01:53PM AST
AFR853A343Paris Orly ()Wed 06:35PM GFTThu 07:15AM CESTThu 07:16AM CEST
AFR601A320Lamentin ()Wed 12:49PM GFTWed 01:56PM ASTWed 01:56PM AST
AFR603A320Lamentin ()Tue 08:24PM GFTTue 09:29PM ASTTue 09:29PM AST
AFR853A343Paris Orly ()Tue 08:05PM GFTWed 09:37AM CESTWed 09:37AM CEST
AZU8721AT72Val de Caes Int'l ()Tue 05:54PM GFTTue 07:14PM BRTTue 07:04PM BRT
AFR853A343Paris Orly ()Mon 10:47PM GFTTue 12:18PM CESTTue 12:18PM CEST
AFR601A320Lamentin ()Mon 12:37PM GFTMon 01:42PM ASTMon 01:42PM AST
AFR605A320Lamentin ()Sun 08:22PM GFTSun 09:30PM ASTSun 09:30PM AST
AFR853A343Paris Orly ()Sun 06:56PM GFTMon 07:30AM CESTMon 07:20AM CEST
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