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Arrivals: Jose Maria Cordova Int'l Airport (Medellin/Rionegro) [SKRG]
VVC353Miami Intl ()Mon 09:41PM ESTTue 12:30AM COT
TAI369A319El Salvador Int'l ()Mon 08:58PM CSTTue 12:11AM COT
AVA9334A320El Dorado Int'l ()Mon 11:05PM COTMon 11:32PM COT
AMX798B732Lic. Benito Juarez Int'l ()Mon 06:41PM CSTMon 11:22PM COT
VVC8077Rafael Nunez Int'l ()Mon 10:58PM COT11:46PM COT (?)
ARE3042A320El Dorado Int'l ()Mon 10:56PM COT12:42AM COT (+1) (?)
HK5202Matecana Int'l ()Mon 10:13PM COT10:36PM COT (?)
ARE3020A319El Dorado Int'l ()Mon 09:00PM COT09:59PM COT (?)
AVA9505A319Camilo Daza Int'l ()Mon 08:58PM COT10:09PM COT (?)
AAL923A319Miami Intl ()Mon 06:06PM ESTMon 08:53PM COT
ARE3311A319Rafael Nunez Int'l ()Mon 06:43PM COT07:53PM COT (?)
N441CBCL30William P Hobby ()Mon 12:47PM CSTMon 06:06PM COT
AVA31A318Miami Intl ()Mon 03:19PM ESTMon 06:06PM COT
CWC409MD11Miami Intl ()Mon 03:13PM ESTMon 05:51PM COT
ARE3016A319El Dorado Int'l ()Mon 05:32PM COT07:05PM COT (?)
NKS237A319Fort Lauderdale Intl ()Mon 12:04PM ESTMon 03:01PM COT
ARE3010A319El Dorado Int'l ()Mon 02:08PM COT03:07PM COT (?)
ARE3305A320Gustavo Rojas Pinilla Int'l (Sesquicentenario) ()Mon 01:51PM COT03:51PM COT (?)
AVA9363A320Simon Bolivar ()Mon 01:35PM COT02:49PM COT (?)
AVA43A319John F Kennedy Intl ()Mon 08:07AM ESTMon 01:18PM COT
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