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Departures: El Dorado Int'l Airport (Bogota) [SKBO]
Arrival Time
AVA8578A320Palonegro ()Wed 10:41AM -05Wed 11:12AM -05
AVA9822AT72La Nubia ()Wed 10:36AM -05Wed 11:49AM -05
ARE4126A320Ernesto Cortissoz Int'l ()Wed 10:35AM -05Wed 12:04PM -05
AVA9837AT72El Eden Int'l ()Wed 10:34AM -05Wed 11:37AM -05
AVA9758A321Rafael Nunez Int'l ()Wed 10:31AM -05Wed 11:30AM -05
THY800A332Tocumen Int'l ()Wed 10:30AM -05Wed 11:35AM EST
AVA9786A320Simon Bolivar ()Wed 10:28AM -05Wed 12:02PM -05
ARE4098A319Rafael Nunez Int'l ()Wed 10:14AM -05Wed 11:39AM -05
AVA8560A320Gustavo Rojas Pinilla Int'l (Sesquicentenario) ()Wed 10:12AM -05Wed 11:48AM -05
AVA9312A321Olaya Herrera ()Wed 10:07AM -05Wed 10:42AM -05
AVA9710A320Palonegro ()Wed 10:05AM -05Wed 10:37AM -05Wed 10:37AM -05
NSE8615AT43Antonio Narino ()Wed 10:03AM -05Wed 11:38AM -05
AVA8532A321Ernesto Cortissoz Int'l ()Wed 10:03AM -05Wed 11:05AM -05
AVA9338A320Olaya Herrera ()Wed 10:01AM -05Wed 10:35AM -05
AVA9207A319Alfonso Bonilla Aragon Int'l ()Wed 09:57AM -05Wed 10:34AM -05Wed 10:30AM -05
AVA9514A319Rafael Nunez Int'l ()Wed 09:53AM -05Wed 10:51AM -05
AVA9217A320Alfonso Bonilla Aragon Int'l ()Wed 09:51AM -05Wed 10:22AM -0510:22AM -05 (?)
AVA9816AT72La Nubia ()Wed 09:51AM -05Wed 11:04AM -05
AVA9730A320Olaya Herrera ()Wed 09:43AM -05Wed 10:10AM -0510:10AM -05 (?)
ARE4096A319Rafael Nunez Int'l ()Wed 09:40AM -05Wed 11:05AM -05Wed 10:36AM -05
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