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Arrivals: Presidente Juscelino Kubitschek Int'l Airport (Brasilia, Brazilian Federal District) [SBBR]
TAM3599Near Goiania, GoiasMon 07:33AM BRSTMon 08:04AM BRST
PT-MXFGuararapes Int'l (Gilberto Freyre Int'l) ()Fri 02:20PM BRTFri 05:27PM BRST
FAB2101Near Belo Horizonte, Minas GeraisThu 07:18PM BRSTThu 09:05PM BRST
TAM3481Near Aracaju, SergipeMon 05:26AM BRTMon 08:05AM BRST
PT-MXBNear Aracaju, SergipeMon 04:28PM BRTMon 07:15PM BRST
ONE6186Near Goiania, GoiasFri 10:15AM BRSTFri 11:03AM BRST
TAM3590Near Aracatuba, Sao PauloFri 07:10AM BRSTFri 07:54AM BRST
PLN702Canoas Air Base ()Sun 05:04PM BRSTSun 07:40PM BRST
PT-MXQGuararapes Int'l (Gilberto Freyre Int'l) ()Sun 02:05PM BRTSun 05:17PM BRST
TAM9551Near Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do SulWed 01:15PM BRSTWed 03:20PM BRST
TAM3671Near Palmas, TocantinsSat 05:48AM BRTSat 07:49AM BRST
TAM3649Near Goiania, GoiasSat 01:21PM BRSTSat 01:51PM BRST
PR-MYWNear Palmas, TocantinsTue 02:36PM BRTTue 04:41PM BRST
PR-MHFNear Barreiras, BahiaWed 05:11PM BRSTWed 05:49PM BRST
TAM3823Near Barreiras, BahiaThu 04:37AM BRTThu 06:14AM BRST
TAM3723Near Goiania, GoiasSun 06:55PM BRSTSun 07:29PM BRST
TAM3543Near Porto Seguro, BahiaSat 03:55PM BRTSat 06:09PM BRST
TAM3481Near Aracaju, SergipeSat 05:11AM BRTSat 08:10AM BRST
TAM9550Eduardo Gomes Int'l ()Tue 05:53PM AMTTue 10:24PM BRST
TAM3255Near Porto SeguroFri 03:59PM BRSTFri 05:11PM BRST
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