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Departures: Jorge Newbery Airport (Buenos Aires) [SABE]
Arrival Time
ARG1866B738Almirante Zar ()Fri 07:13PM ARTFri 08:55PM ARTFri 08:55PM ART
AUT2486E190San Luis ()Fri 07:01PM ARTFri 08:17PM ARTFri 08:17PM ART
ARG1658B738Presidente Peron Int'l ()Fri 06:44PM ARTFri 08:14PM ARTFri 08:13PM ART
AUT2758E190Libertador General Jose de San Martin ()Fri 06:39PM ARTFri 07:55PM ARTFri 07:55PM ART
AUT2708E190Rosario-Islas Malvinas Int'l ()Fri 06:34PM ARTFri 07:12PM ARTFri 07:12PM ART
AUT2442E190Capitan Vicente Almandos Almonacid ()Fri 06:30PM ARTFri 08:07PM ARTFri 08:07PM ART
AUT2396E190Carrasco Int'l ()Fri 06:17PM ARTFri 06:44PM UYTFri 06:44PM UYT
AUT2498E190Gobernador Horacio Guzman Int'l ()Fri 06:08PM ARTFri 07:59PM ARTFri 07:59PM ART
ARG1458B738Martin Miguel de Guemes Int'l (El Aybal) ()Fri 06:05PM ARTFri 07:58PM ARTFri 07:58PM ART
AUT2608E190Astor Piazzola Int'l ()Fri 06:00PM ARTFri 06:46PM ARTFri 06:46PM ART
AR1476B738Lt. Gen. Benjamin Matienzo Int'l ()Fri 05:49PM ARTFri 07:22PM ARTFri 07:22PM ART
ARG1410B738Domingo Faustino Sarmiento ()Fri 05:39PM ARTFri 07:15PM ARTFri 07:15PM ART
AUT2488E190Vicecomodoro angel de la Paz Aragones ()Fri 05:37PM ARTFri 07:05PM ARTFri 07:05PM ART
AUT2508E190Ingeniero Ambrosio L.V. Taravella Int'l ()Fri 05:24PM ARTFri 06:33PM ARTFri 06:33PM ART
ARG1514B738Ingeniero Ambrosio L.V. Taravella Int'l ()Fri 05:19PM ARTFri 06:23PM ARTFri 06:22PM ART
AUT2262E190Silvio Pettirossi Int'l ()Fri 05:03PM ARTFri 06:33PM PYSTFri 06:33PM PYST
ARG1286B738Comodoro Arturo Merino Benitez Int'l ()Fri 04:57PM ARTFri 06:57PM CLTFri 06:56PM CLT
ARG1646B737Comandante Espora ()Fri 04:48PM ARTFri 05:50PM ARTFri 05:50PM ART
AUT2466E190Domingo Faustino Sarmiento ()Fri 04:38PM ARTFri 06:22PM ART06:22PM ART (?)
AUT2778E190Formosa Int'l ()Fri 04:25PM ARTFri 05:52PM ARTFri 05:52PM ART
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