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Departures: Jorge Newbery Airport (Buenos Aires) [SABE]
Arrival Time
ARG1684B737San Carlos de Bariloche Int'l ()Thu 01:58PM -03Thu 04:02PM -03
DSM7506A320Cataratas del Iguazú Int'l (Iguazú Falls) ()Thu 01:52PM -03Thu 03:42PM -03
AUT2478E190Las Termas ()Thu 01:39PM -03Thu 03:19PM -03
ARG1678B738San Carlos de Bariloche Int'l ()Thu 01:35PM -03Thu 03:38PM -03
ARG1434B737Domingo Faustino Sarmiento ()Thu 01:27PM -03Thu 03:04PM -03
ARG1532B738Ingeniero Ambrosio L.V. Taravella Int'l ()Thu 01:22PM -03Thu 02:36PM -03
AUT2710E190General Justo Jose de Urquiza ()Thu 01:17PM -03Thu 02:11PM -03
ARG1662B737Esquel ()Thu 01:12PM -03Thu 03:35PM -03
LAN456A321Comodoro Arturo Merino Benitez Int'l ()Thu 01:10PM -03Thu 01:58PM -04
ARG1650B738Presidente Peron Int'l ()Thu 01:05PM -03Thu 02:43PM -03
DSM7504A320Cataratas del Iguazú Int'l (Iguazú Falls) ()Thu 12:55PM -03Thu 02:45PM -03
AUT2868E190Almirante Zar ()Thu 12:47PM -03Thu 02:28PM -03
ARG1460B738Martin Miguel de Guemes Int'l (El Aybal) ()Thu 12:39PM -03Thu 02:45PM -03
ARG1736B738Cataratas del Iguazú Int'l (Iguazú Falls) ()Thu 12:13PM -03Thu 01:42PM -03Thu 01:42PM -03
ARG1612B737Aviador Carlos Campos (Chapelco) ()Thu 12:03PM -03Thu 02:04PM -03
AUT2644E190Comandante Espora ()Thu 12:00PM -03Thu 01:03PM -03Thu 01:03PM -03
ARG1368B738Viru Viru Int'l ()Thu 11:58AM -03Thu 01:53PM -04
AUT2266E190Afonso Pena Int'l ()Thu 11:30AM -03Thu 01:18PM -03Thu 01:18PM -03
AUT2776E190Formosa Int'l ()Thu 11:25AM -03Thu 12:59PM -03Thu 12:59PM -03
ARG1230B738Salgado Filho Int'l ()Thu 11:04AM -03Thu 12:13PM -03Thu 12:13PM -03
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