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Departures: Manila Int'l Airport (Metro Manila) [RPLL]
Arrival Time
MAS807B738Kuala Lumpur Int'l ()Tue 01:16PM PHTTue 04:17PM MYT
GAP2143A320Iloilo Int'l ()Tue 01:10PM PHTTue 02:20PM PHT
GFA155Bahrain Int'l ()Tue 01:06PM PHTTue 05:26PM AST
SRQ7904A320Tagbilaran ()Tue 01:02PM PHTTue 02:17PM PHT
CPA900A333Hong Kong Int'l ()Tue 01:00PM PHTTue 02:27PM HKT
GAP2196A320Laoag Int'l ()Tue 12:38PM PHTTue 01:38PM PHT
AAR702B772Incheon Int'l ()Tue 12:34PM PHTTue 04:42PM KST
KAL622B773Incheon Int'l ()Tue 12:34PM PHTTue 04:54PM KST
CEB565A320Mactan-Cebu Int'l ()Tue 12:30PM PHTTue 01:50PM PHT
PAL682330King Fahd Int'l ()Tue 12:29PM PHTTue 03:56PM AST
CEB659A320Daniel Z. Romualdez (Tacloban) ()Tue 12:25PM PHTTue 01:40PM PHT
CEB506A319Tuguegarao ()Tue 12:22PM PHTTue 01:22PM PHTTue 01:06PM PHT
CSN3092E190Guangzhou Baiyun Int'l ()Tue 12:22PM PHTTue 02:34PM CST
CPA906B773Hong Kong Int'l ()Tue 12:17PM PHTTue 01:41PM HKT
PAL1815A321Francisco Bangoy Int'l ()Tue 12:13PM PHTTue 01:29PM PHT
CEB487A320New Bacolod-Silay ()Tue 12:03PM PHTTue 01:18PM PHT
PAL656330Abu Dhabi Int'l ()Tue 11:52AM PHTTue 03:33PM GST
PAL336A320Shanghai Pudong Int'l ()Tue 11:30AM PHTTue 02:13PM CST
UAL190B737Guam Intl ()Tue 11:23AM PHTTue 03:26PM ChST
PAL356A320Quanzhou Jinjiang ()Tue 11:19AM PHTTue 01:00PM CST
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