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Arrivals: Manila Int'l Airport (Metro Manila) [RPLL]
CEB111330Hong Kong Int'l ()Wed 10:56AM HKTWed 12:43PM PHT
PAL437A321Chubu Centrair Int'l (Centrair) ()Wed 09:40AM JSTWed 12:31PM PHT
THA620777Suvarnabhumi Bangkok Int'l ()Wed 07:50AM ICTWed 11:58AM PHT
MAS806B738Kuala Lumpur Int'l ()Wed 08:20AM MYTWed 11:53AM PHT
CPA901A333Hong Kong Int'l ()Wed 09:59AM HKTWed 11:47AM PHT
EVA271A332Taiwan Taoyuan Int'l ()Wed 09:49AM CSTWed 11:45AM PHT
AAR701B772Incheon Int'l ()Wed 08:34AM KSTWed 11:27AM PHT
CXA817B738Quanzhou Jinjiang ()Wed 09:05AM CSTWed 11:24AM PHT
PAL467A321Incheon Int'l ()Wed 08:23AM KSTWed 11:11AM PHT
PAL657330Abu Dhabi Int'l ()Tue 10:09PM GSTWed 11:11AM PHT
CSN3091E190Guangzhou Baiyun Int'l ()Wed 08:45AM CSTWed 11:04AM PHT
KAL621B773Incheon Int'l ()Wed 08:24AM KSTWed 10:56AM PHT
PAL1812A320Francisco Bangoy Int'l ()Wed 09:24AM PHTWed 10:52AM PHT
GFA154Bahrain Int'l ()Tue 09:00PM ASTWed 10:50AM PHT
PAL1846A321Mactan-Cebu Int'l ()Wed 09:33AM PHTWed 10:35AM PHT
PAL313A321Hong Kong Int'l ()Wed 08:30AM HKTWed 10:02AM PHT
PAL683330King Fahd Int'l ()Tue 07:39PM ASTWed 09:58AM PHT
CPA907B77WHong Kong Int'l ()Wed 08:12AM HKTWed 09:42AM PHT
CAL701A343Taiwan Taoyuan Int'l ()Wed 07:55AM CSTWed 09:39AM PHT
PAL407A321Kansai Int'l ()Wed 10:14AM JST12:32PM PHT (?)
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