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Departures: Gimhae Int'l Airport (Pusan) [RKPK]
Arrival Time
ABL114A321Narita Int'l ()Mon 02:46PM KSTMon 04:39PM JST
JNA565B738Jeju Int'l ()Mon 02:30PM KSTMon 02:58PM KST
ABL8814A320Gimpo Int'l ()Mon 02:25PM KSTMon 02:54PM KST
CES2782A319Penglai International ()Mon 02:20PM KSTMon 02:29PM CST
JAL958B738Narita Int'l ()Mon 02:19PM KSTMon 03:59PM JST
KAL1007A333Jeju Int'l ()Mon 02:15PM KSTMon 02:54PM KST
ABL146A321Fukuoka ()Mon 02:13PM KSTMon 02:46PM JSTMon 02:42PM JST
KAL1112B738Gimpo Int'l ()Mon 01:56PM KSTMon 02:45PM KSTMon 02:45PM KST
ABL8111A321Jeju Int'l ()Mon 01:47PM KSTMon 02:20PM KSTMon 02:20PM KST
KAL1406B738Incheon Int'l ()Mon 01:41PM KSTMon 02:30PM KSTMon 02:30PM KST
JJA1454737Fukuoka ()Mon 01:31PM KSTMon 02:03PM JSTMon 02:03PM JST
CES5044A320Shanghai Pudong Int'l ()Mon 01:29PM KSTMon 01:53PM CST
ABL8812A320Gimpo Int'l ()Mon 01:28PM KSTMon 02:11PM KSTMon 02:11PM KST
CCA130B738Beijing Capital Int'l ()Mon 01:20PM KSTMon 02:14PM CST
KAL753B739Chubu Centrair Int'l (Centrair) ()Mon 01:13PM KSTMon 02:31PM JSTMon 02:31PM JST
JNA229B738New Kitakyushu ()Mon 01:11PM KSTMon 01:52PM JSTMon 01:49PM JST
KAL1110B738Gimpo Int'l ()Mon 01:05PM KSTMon 01:44PM KSTMon 01:44PM KST
ABL8183A321Jeju Int'l ()Mon 01:00PM KSTMon 01:42PM KSTMon 01:37PM KST
ESR913B738Kansai Int'l ()Mon 12:49PM KSTMon 02:19PM JSTMon 01:51PM JST
JJA509737Jeju Int'l ()Mon 12:27PM KSTMon 01:14PM KSTMon 01:14PM KST
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