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Departures: Tokyo Int'l (Haneda) Airport (Ota, Tokyo) [RJTT]
Arrival Time
JAL1873B763Kagoshima ()Fri 05:12PM JSTFri 06:32PM JST
ANA557A320Hakodate ()Fri 05:11PM JSTFri 06:08PM JST
JAL1491B738Kochi ()Fri 05:09PM JSTFri 06:05PM JST
JAL1229B738Misawa Air Base / Misawa ()Fri 05:07PM JSTFri 05:59PM JST
ANA297B738Tottori ()Fri 05:06PM JSTFri 05:54PM JST
ANA627767Kagoshima ()Fri 05:06PM JSTFri 06:20PM JST
SIA633B772Singapore Changi ()Fri 05:02PM JSTFri 10:58PM SGT
ANA263B772Fukuoka ()Fri 05:02PM JSTFri 06:16PM JST
JAL127B772Osaka Int'l (Itami) ()Fri 05:00PM JSTFri 05:36PM JST
JAL1281B738Komatsu ()Fri 04:58PM JSTFri 05:30PM JST
JAL1891B738Miyazaki ()Fri 04:58PM JSTFri 06:13PM JST
JAL523B763New Chitose ()Fri 04:50PM JSTFri 05:58PM JST
ANA613B738Miyazaki ()Fri 04:49PM JSTFri 06:02PM JST
ANA285B738Tokushima ()Fri 04:47PM JSTFri 05:34PM JST
ANA565B738Kochi ()Fri 04:45PM JSTFri 05:39PM JST
ANA1103737Iwami ()Fri 04:43PM JSTFri 05:50PM JST
JAL923B773Naha ()Fri 04:43PM JSTFri 06:50PM JST
SKY19330Fukuoka ()Fri 04:41PM JSTFri 06:02PM JST
JAL1647B738Yamaguchi Ube ()Fri 04:38PM JSTFri 05:46PM JST
JAL323B772Fukuoka ()Fri 04:34PM JSTFri 05:47PM JST
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