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Departures: Fukushima Airport (Tamakawa, Fukushima) [RJSF]
Arrival Time
AKX1698B738Osaka Int'l (Itami) ()Mon 06:17PM JSTMon 07:13PM JSTMon 07:13PM JST
AKX1113B738New Chitose ()Mon 10:02AM JSTMon 11:03AM JSTMon 11:03AM JST
AKX1696B735Osaka Int'l (Itami) ()Mon 08:10AM JSTMon 09:05AM JSTMon 09:05AM JST
AKX1698B738Osaka Int'l (Itami) ()Sun 06:38PM JSTSun 07:30PM JSTSun 07:30PM JST
AKX1113B738New Chitose ()Sun 10:09AM JSTSun 11:11AM JSTSun 11:11AM JST
AKX1696B735Osaka Int'l (Itami) ()Sun 08:13AM JSTSun 09:10AM JSTSun 09:10AM JST
AKX1698B738Osaka Int'l (Itami) ()Sat 06:16PM JSTSat 07:15PM JSTSat 07:15PM JST
AKX1113B738New Chitose ()Sat 10:06AM JSTSat 11:05AM JSTSat 11:05AM JST
AKX1696B735Osaka Int'l (Itami) ()Sat 08:11AM JSTSat 09:07AM JSTSat 09:07AM JST
AKX1698B738Osaka Int'l (Itami) ()Fri 06:18PM JSTFri 07:15PM JSTFri 07:15PM JST
AKX1113B738New Chitose ()Fri 10:05AM JSTFri 11:09AM JSTFri 11:09AM JST
AKX1696B735Osaka Int'l (Itami) ()Fri 08:11AM JSTFri 09:07AM JSTFri 09:07AM JST
AKX1698B738Osaka Int'l (Itami) ()Thu 06:17PM JSTThu 07:20PM JSTThu 07:20PM JST
AKX1113B738New Chitose ()Thu 09:57AM JSTThu 10:57AM JSTThu 10:57AM JST
AKX1696B735Osaka Int'l (Itami) ()Thu 08:13AM JSTThu 09:23AM JSTThu 09:23AM JST
AKX1698B738Osaka Int'l (Itami) ()Wed 06:42PM JSTWed 07:42PM JSTWed 07:42PM JST
AKX1113B738New Chitose ()Wed 09:59AM JSTWed 11:00AM JSTWed 11:00AM JST
AKX1696B735Osaka Int'l (Itami) ()Wed 08:11AM JSTWed 09:08AM JSTWed 09:08AM JST
AKX1698B738Osaka Int'l (Itami) ()Tue 06:46PM JSTTue 07:48PM JSTTue 07:48PM JST
AKX1113B738New Chitose ()Tue 10:02AM JSTTue 11:03AM JSTTue 11:03AM JST
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