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Arrivals: Osaka Int'l (Itami) Airport (Itami, Hyogo) [RJOO]
AKX1660DH8BNiigata ()Sat 10:38AM JSTSat 11:48AM JST
JAL113B763Tokyo Int'l (Haneda) ()Sat 10:52AM JSTSat 11:37AM JST
AKX734B735Sendai ()Sat 10:19AM JSTSat 11:27AM JST
AKX504DH8BMiyazaki ()Sat 10:23AM JSTSat 11:20AM JST
ANA19B772Tokyo Int'l (Haneda) ()Sat 10:25AM JSTSat 11:17AM JST
AKX1636DH8BMatsuyama ()Sat 10:08AM JSTSat 10:46AM JST
JAL111B763Tokyo Int'l (Haneda) ()Sat 09:49AM JSTSat 10:34AM JST
AKX524DH8BKumamoto ()Sat 09:35AM JSTSat 10:31AM JST
ANA17B772Tokyo Int'l (Haneda) ()Sat 09:29AM JSTSat 10:21AM JST
ANA772B738New Chitose ()Sat 08:34AM JSTSat 10:17AM JST
ANA544B738Kagoshima ()Sat 09:20AM JSTSat 10:12AM JST
AKX1652DH8BAkita ()Sat 08:33AM JSTSat 10:03AM JST
JAL2000B738New Chitose ()Sat 07:50AM JSTSat 09:37AM JST
JAL107B763Tokyo Int'l (Haneda) ()Sat 08:45AM JSTSat 09:33AM JST
AKX422B735Fukuoka ()Sat 08:42AM JSTSat 09:31AM JST
ANA15B772Tokyo Int'l (Haneda) ()Sat 08:34AM JSTSat 09:25AM JST
AKX1604DH8BKochi ()Sat 08:48AM JSTSat 09:20AM JST
ANA732767Sendai ()Sat 08:07AM JSTSat 09:16AM JST
AKX1696B735Fukushima ()Sat 08:14AM JSTSat 09:13AM JST
ANA516B738Niigata ()Sat 08:15AM JSTSat 09:09AM JST
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