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Departures: Fukuoka Airport (Fukuoka, Fukuoka) [RJFF]
Arrival Time
JJP580A320Chubu Centrair Int'l (Centrair) ()Sat 10:19AM JSTSat 11:34AM JST
JAL308B772Tokyo Int'l (Haneda) ()Sat 10:16AM JSTSat 11:21AM JST
ANA1205767Naha ()Sat 10:07AM JSTSat 11:32AM JST
SIA655A333Singapore Changi ()Sat 09:59AM JSTSat 02:59PM SGT
CES532A319Shanghai Pudong Int'l ()Sat 09:53AM JSTSat 10:19AM CST
ANA246767Tokyo Int'l (Haneda) ()Sat 09:47AM JSTSat 11:03AM JST
JNA222B738Incheon Int'l ()Sat 09:46AM JSTSat 10:56AM KST
JTA53B738Naha ()Sat 09:43AM JSTSat 11:00AM JST
SFJ42A320Tokyo Int'l (Haneda) ()Sat 09:41AM JSTSat 11:26AM JST
ABL147A321Gimhae Int'l ()Sat 09:35AM JSTSat 10:12AM KSTSat 10:08AM KST
ANA1203B738Naha ()Sat 09:32AM JSTSat 10:59AM JST
ANA434767Chubu Centrair Int'l (Centrair) ()Sat 09:26AM JSTSat 10:18AM JSTSat 10:18AM JST
JJP500A320Narita Int'l ()Sat 09:17AM JSTSat 11:02AM JST
ANA244787Tokyo Int'l (Haneda) ()Sat 09:14AM JSTSat 10:30AM JST
JAL306B772Tokyo Int'l (Haneda) ()Sat 09:10AM JSTSat 10:15AM JST
AKX4915DH8BFukue ()Sat 09:01AM JSTSat 09:31AM JSTSat 09:31AM JST
TWB232Daegu ()Sat 08:57AM JSTSat 09:57AM KST09:57AM KST (?)
JAL304B763Tokyo Int'l (Haneda) ()Sat 08:42AM JSTSat 09:52AM JSTSat 09:52AM JST
AKX422B735Osaka Int'l (Itami) ()Sat 08:39AM JSTSat 09:28AM JSTSat 09:28AM JST
AKX1273B735Sendai ()Sat 08:25AM JSTSat 09:53AM JSTSat 09:53AM JST
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