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Arrivals: Fukuoka Airport (Fukuoka, Fukuoka) [RJFF]
SFJ55A320Tokyo Int'l (Haneda) ()Sun 08:20PM JSTSun 09:56PM JST
SKY27737Tokyo Int'l (Haneda) ()Sun 08:25PM JSTSun 09:55PM JST
CPA510A333Taiwan Taoyuan Int'l ()Sun 07:04PM CSTSun 09:51PM JST
ANA273B773Tokyo Int'l (Haneda) ()Sun 08:16PM JSTSun 09:49PM JST
JAL335B763Tokyo Int'l (Haneda) ()Sun 08:09PM JSTSun 09:44PM JST
SKY508737Naha ()Sun 08:14PM JSTSun 09:42PM JST
CAL110A333Taiwan Taoyuan Int'l ()Sun 06:49PM CSTSun 09:38PM JST
JTA62B734Naha ()Sun 08:11PM JSTSun 09:35PM JST
JAL333B772Tokyo Int'l (Haneda) ()Sun 07:59PM JSTSun 09:29PM JST
ANA1709737Kansai Int'l ()Sun 08:31PM JSTSun 09:22PM JST
ANA271B772Tokyo Int'l (Haneda) ()Sun 07:54PM JSTSun 09:18PM JST
JAL331B772Tokyo Int'l (Haneda) ()Sun 07:44PM JSTSun 09:02PM JST
JAL3057B738Narita Int'l ()Sun 07:18PM JSTSun 08:51PM JST
SET1237B735Komatsu ()Sun 07:45PM JSTSun 08:49PM JST
ANA269B772Tokyo Int'l (Haneda) ()Sun 07:22PM JSTSun 08:43PM JST
SKY25737Tokyo Int'l (Haneda) ()Sun 07:03PM JSTSun 08:30PM JST
CES531A320Shanghai Pudong Int'l ()Sun 06:10PM CSTSun 08:25PM JST
JAL329B772Tokyo Int'l (Haneda) ()Sun 07:00PM JSTSun 08:23PM JST
KAL781B772Incheon Int'l ()Sun 07:20PM KSTSun 08:17PM JST
ANA1214767Naha ()Sun 06:55PM JSTSun 08:12PM JST
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