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En Route/Scheduled to RCTP Taiwan Taoyuan Int'l Airport (Taipei) [RCTP]
Departure Time
Arrival Time
AXM1510A320Kota Kinabalu Int'l ()Wed 06:10AM +08Wed 06:15AM +08Wed 09:10AM CST
JNA81B738Incheon Int'l ()Wed 07:50AM KSTWed 08:11AM KSTWed 09:14AM CST
EVA669B744Anchorage Intl ()Tue 08:50AM AKDTTue 08:30AM AKDTWed 09:18AM CST
KAL697B738Gimhae Int'l ()Wed 08:30AM KSTWed 08:43AM KSTWed 09:29AM CST
PAL896A321Manila Int'l ()Wed 07:30AM +08Wed 07:30AM +08Wed 09:40AM CST
ESR881B738Incheon Int'l ()Wed 08:05AM KSTWed 08:37AM KSTWed 09:49AM CST
CES2009A320Ningbo Lishe Int'l ()Wed 08:40AM CSTWed 08:44AM CSTWed 09:51AM CST
APJ23A320Kansai Int'l ()Wed 08:30AM JSTWed 08:44AM JSTWed 09:51AM CST
SDR20973FFuzhou Changle Int'l ()Wed 08:50AM CSTWed 10:00AM CST
JJA2601737Incheon Int'l ()Wed 09:05AM KSTWed 09:25AM KSTWed 10:10AM CST
CXA887B738Xiamen Gaoqi Int'l ()Wed 08:45AM CSTWed 09:01AM CSTWed 10:10AM CST
CXA879B738Fuzhou Changle Int'l ()Wed 09:00AM CSTWed 10:14AM CST
CAL113B738Hiroshima ()Wed 09:01AM JSTWed 09:21AM JSTWed 10:15AM CST
JAL813B788Kansai Int'l ()Wed 09:10AM JSTWed 09:23AM JSTWed 10:19AM CST
AMU602A320Macau Int'l ()Wed 08:35AM CSTWed 10:25AM CST
CPA421A333Incheon Int'l ()Wed 09:15AM KSTWed 09:35AM KSTWed 10:33AM CST
CES2049A320Hefei Xinqiao Airport ()Wed 08:50AM CSTWed 08:57AM CSTWed 10:35AM CST
TTW231A320Naha ()Wed 10:10AM JSTWed 10:35AM CST
CSN3023B738Zhengzhou Xinzheng Int'l ()Wed 08:20AM CSTWed 08:21AM CSTWed 10:38AM CST
EVA113A321Naha ()Wed 10:15AM JSTWed 10:45AM CST
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