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Departures: Molokai Airport (Kaunakakai, HI) [PHMK]
Arrival Time
MHO224C208Kahului ()Sat 07:44PM HSTSat 08:08PM HSTSat 08:08PM HST
CFS619AT45Daniel K Inouye Intl ()Sat 07:10PM HSTSat 07:25PM HSTSat 07:21PM HST
CFS625AT45Daniel K Inouye Intl ()Sat 05:35PM HSTSat 05:50PM HSTSat 05:46PM HST
N691YWDA40Daniel K Inouye Intl ()Sat 04:05PM HSTSat 04:42PM HSTSat 04:36PM HST
MHO403C208Daniel K Inouye Intl ()Sat 03:21PM HSTSat 03:46PM HSTSat 03:49PM HST
CPT366AC208Daniel K Inouye Intl ()Sat 12:59PM HSTSat 01:28PM HSTSat 01:24PM HST
CFS615AT45Daniel K Inouye Intl ()Sat 11:52AM HSTSat 12:14PM HSTSat 12:10PM HST
MHO205C208Daniel K Inouye Intl ()Sat 11:11AM HSTSat 11:37AM HSTSat 11:35AM HST
CFS611AT45Daniel K Inouye Intl ()Sat 07:55AM HSTSat 08:10AM HSTSat 08:06AM HST
CFS632AT45Kahului ()Sat 06:47AM HSTSat 07:08AM HSTSat 07:03AM HST
CPT368C208Daniel K Inouye Intl ()Sat 06:32AM HSTSat 06:56AM HSTSat 06:52AM HST
N911ZCBE9LDaniel K Inouye Intl ()Sat 12:27AM HSTSat 12:47AM HSTSat 12:41AM HST
MHO747C208Daniel K Inouye Intl ()Fri 08:30PM HSTFri 08:59PM HSTFri 08:58PM HST
MHO651C208Daniel K Inouye Intl ()Fri 08:24PM HSTFri 08:57PM HSTFri 08:52PM HST
MHO224C208Kahului ()Fri 07:31PM HSTFri 07:55PM HSTFri 07:52PM HST
CFS619AT45Daniel K Inouye Intl ()Fri 07:19PM HSTFri 07:34PM HSTFri 07:30PM HST
CFS625AT45Daniel K Inouye Intl ()Fri 05:51PM HSTFri 06:06PM HSTFri 06:07PM HST
MHO715C208Daniel K Inouye Intl ()Fri 05:48PM HSTFri 06:10PM HSTFri 06:16PM HST
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