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Departures: Fairbanks Intl Airport (Fairbanks, AK) [PAFA]
Arrival Time
ASA104B737Seattle-Tacoma Intl ()Sun 03:21PM AKDTSun 07:24PM PDT
QXE2808DH8DAnchorage Intl ()Sun 04:10PM AKDTSun 04:57PM AKDT
RVF919DH8AAnchorage Intl ()Sun 03:34PM AKDTSun 04:39PM AKDT
N177RCC177Fairbanks Intl ()Sun 02:02PM AKDTSun 03:13PM AKDTSun 03:13PM AKDT
N8479MFairbanks Intl ()Sun 01:58PM AKDTSun 03:07PM AKDTSun 03:07PM AKDT
ASA55B738Anchorage Intl ()Sun 01:58PM AKDTSun 02:42PM AKDTSun 02:42PM AKDT
N7164DPA31Bettles ()Sun 01:03PM AKDTSun 02:02PM AKDTSun 02:10PM AKDT
RVF903DH8AAnchorage Intl ()Sun 12:58PM AKDTSun 02:01PM AKDTSun 02:01PM AKDT
N542LMLJ35Boeing Field Intl ()Sun 10:45AM AKDTSun 02:56PM PDTSun 02:53PM PDT
N999FHGLF5Rochester Intl ()Sun 08:48AM AKDTSun 04:38PM CDTSun 04:34PM CDT
WAV604PA31Fort Yukon ()Sun 12:33PM AKDTSun 01:20PM AKDTSun 01:20PM AKDT
C-FZMJFairbanks Intl ()Sun 11:36AM AKDTSun 01:09PM AKDTSun 01:09PM AKDT
RVF918DH8ADeadhorse ()Sun 10:52AM AKDTSun 12:26PM AKDTSun 12:22PM AKDT
N1867B350Sitka Rocky Gutierrez ()Sun 09:59AM AKDTSun 12:26PM AKDTSun 12:26PM AKDT
ASA192B738Anchorage Intl ()Sun 11:33AM AKDTSun 12:25PM AKDTSun 12:25PM AKDT
N73036Fairbanks Intl ()Sun 11:07AM AKDTSun 11:59AM AKDTSun 11:59AM AKDT
N234CEPA31Deadhorse ()Sun 09:06AM AKDTSun 11:12AM AKDTSun 11:09AM AKDT
HAG75QB190Barter Island ()Sun 09:43AM AKDTSun 11:07AM AKDTSun 11:07AM AKDT
HAG404B190Edward G Pitka Sr ()Sun 10:04AM AKDTSun 11:07AM AKDTSun 11:07AM AKDT
HAG1BPA31Edward G Pitka Sr ()Sun 08:54AM AKDTSun 10:17AM AKDTSun 10:16AM AKDT
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