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En Route/Scheduled to OMDB Dubai Int'l Airport (Dubai) [OMDB]
Departure Time
Arrival Time
FDB58B738Kuwait Int'l ()Sat 03:10PM ASTSat 05:31PM GST
FDB634B738Khartoum Int'l ()Sat 01:00PM EATSat 01:06PM EATSat 05:36PM GST
FDB230B738Basrah Int'l ()Sat 03:15PM ASTSat 03:32PM ASTSat 05:37PM GST
QTR1064A321Hamad Int'l ()Sat 04:00PM ASTSat 04:02PM ASTSat 05:39PM GST
OMA61373MSeeb Int'l ()Sat 05:20PM GSTSat 05:38PM GSTSat 05:52PM GST
FDB46B738Seeb Int'l ()Sat 05:00PM GSTSat 05:53PM GST
TVS1200B738Prague Ruzyne Int'l ()Sat 09:20AM CETSat 09:39AM CETSat 05:53PM GST
JZR188A320Kuwait Int'l ()Sat 03:40PM ASTSat 03:50PM ASTSat 05:54PM GST
UAE236B77WChicago O'Hare Intl ()Fri 07:40PM CSTFri 07:53PM CSTSat 05:58PM GST
SVA592A320Prince Nayef bin Abdulaziz Regional Airport ()Sat 03:30PM ASTSat 03:25PM ASTSat 06:00PM GST
KNE412A320King Abdulaziz Int'l ()Sat 02:35PM ASTSat 02:41PM ASTSat 06:05PM GST
GFA508A320Bahrain Int'l ()Sat 04:00PM ASTSat 04:12PM ASTSat 06:05PM GST
SVA554B77LKing Khalid Int'l ()Sat 02:00PM ASTSat 03:51PM ASTSat 06:06PM GST
SIA494B773Singapore Changi ()Sat 03:05PM SGTSat 03:19PM SGTSat 06:09PM GST
UAE212A388Houston Bush Int'ctl ()Fri 06:20PM CSTFri 06:36PM CSTSat 06:09PM GST
FDB822B738Gizan Regional ()Sat 02:00PM ASTSat 03:46PM ASTSat 06:10PM GST
UAE507B773Chatrapati Shivaji Int'l ()Sat 03:20PM ISTSat 04:43PM ISTSat 06:12PM GST
SEJ15B738Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Int'l (Ahmadabad) ()Sat 04:30PM ISTSat 04:29PM ISTSat 06:14PM GST
UAE216A388Los Angeles Intl ()Fri 03:35PM PSTFri 03:25PM PSTSat 06:25PM GST
KAL951A332Incheon Int'l ()Sat 12:45PM KSTSat 01:23PM KSTSat 06:25PM GST
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