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En Route/Scheduled to OMDB Dubai Int'l Airport (Dubai) [OMDB]
Departure Time
Arrival Time
PIA211A320Islamabad Int'l/Chaklala Airbase ()Mon 12:05PM PKTMon 02:40PM GST
IRQ2200F100Dayrestan ()Mon 02:10PM IRSTMon 03:45PM GST
SEJ55B738Raja Sansi Int'l (Amritsar Int'l) ()Mon 11:30AM ISTMon 02:50PM ISTMon 04:15PM GST
SVA554B77LKing Khalid Int'l ()Mon 02:00PM ASTMon 02:07PM ASTMon 04:16PM GST
OMA617E170Salalah ()Mon 03:00PM GSTMon 03:50PM GSTMon 04:17PM GST
CPA746A333Bahrain Int'l ()Mon 02:30PM ASTMon 02:32PM ASTMon 04:24PM GST
UAE872B77WKuwait Int'l ()Mon 02:15PM ASTMon 02:16PM ASTMon 04:30PM GST
FIN96132BHelsinki-Vantaa ()Mon 08:25AM EETMon 08:37AM EETMon 04:33PM GST
IGO26A320Rajiv Gandhi Int'l ()Mon 02:25PM ISTMon 02:21PM ISTMon 04:51PM GST
QTR1012A320Hamad Int'l ()Mon 03:00PM ASTMon 03:13PM ASTMon 04:53PM GST
UAE641A345Kabul Int'l ()Mon 02:25PM AFTMon 02:32PM AFTMon 05:01PM GST
FDB4B738Hamad Int'l ()Mon 03:10PM ASTMon 05:10PM GST
FDB26B738Bahrain Int'l ()Mon 03:15PM ASTMon 05:15PM GST
FDB866B738King Fahd Int'l ()Mon 02:55PM ASTMon 03:06PM ASTMon 05:16PM GST
JAI538B738Chatrapati Shivaji Int'l ()Mon 03:40PM ISTMon 03:50PM ISTMon 05:17PM GST
UAE928B773Cairo Int'l ()Mon 12:15PM EETMon 12:29PM EETMon 05:23PM GST
AXB191B738Raja Sansi Int'l (Amritsar Int'l) ()Mon 03:10PM ISTMon 03:23PM ISTMon 05:23PM GST
UAE507B773Chatrapati Shivaji Int'l ()Mon 03:20PM ISTMon 03:57PM ISTMon 05:30PM GST
FDB876B738Ta’if Regional ()Mon 01:50PM ASTMon 05:36PM GST
UAE844B77WHamad Int'l ()Mon 03:35PM ASTMon 05:38PM GST
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