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En Route/Scheduled to OMAA Abu Dhabi Int'l Airport (Abu Dhabi) [OMAA]
Departure Time
Arrival Time
ALK207A321Bandaranaike Int'l ()Thu 06:30PM ISTThu 09:52PM GST
KAC661A320Kuwait Int'l ()Thu 12:05PM ASTThu 02:32PM GST
ETD376A320Bahrain Int'l ()Wed 05:00PM ASTWed 05:01PM ASTWed 06:41PM GST
ETD318B789King Khalid Int'l ()Wed 04:25PM ASTWed 04:52PM ASTWed 06:47PM GST
ETD68A321Domodedovo Int'l ()Wed 12:40PM MSKWed 01:11PM MSKWed 06:53PM GST
ETD24B789Dusseldorf Int'l ()Wed 10:05AM CETWed 10:09AM CETWed 06:54PM GST
ETD328A320King Fahd Int'l ()Wed 04:45PM ASTWed 06:55PM GST
ETD387A320Seeb Int'l ()Wed 06:05PM GSTWed 06:01PM GSTWed 06:59PM GST
ETD130B789Washington Dulles Intl ()Tue 09:35PM ESTTue 09:43PM ESTWed 07:03PM GST
AZA852A330Leonardo da Vinci Int'l (Fiumicino Int'l) ()Wed 10:40AM CETWed 10:54AM CETWed 07:05PM GST
ETD514A321Queen Alia Int'l ()Wed 02:10PM EETWed 02:38PM EETWed 07:06PM GST
PIA217A320Peshawar Int'l ()Wed 04:40PM PKTWed 04:47PM PKTWed 07:07PM GST
ETD304A320Kuwait Int'l ()Wed 04:20PM ASTWed 04:43PM ASTWed 07:08PM GST
ETD100B77WJohn F Kennedy Intl ()Tue 10:00PM ESTTue 10:12PM ESTWed 07:09PM GST
ETD80A319Marco Polo Int'l (Marco Polo Venice) ()Wed 10:55AM CETWed 10:52AM CETWed 07:12PM GST
ETD16B77WManchester ()Wed 08:10AM GMTWed 08:57AM GMTWed 07:17PM GST
ETD12A388London Heathrow ()Wed 09:00AM GMTWed 09:12AM GMTWed 07:20PM GST
ETD621A320Seychelles Int'l ()Wed 02:55PM SCTWed 03:19PM SCTWed 07:23PM GST
ETD96A321Istanbul Ataturk Int'l ()Wed 01:30PM EETWed 01:42PM EETWed 07:31PM GST
NLY7086A320Vienna Int'l (Schwechat) ()Wed 11:10AM CETWed 11:21AM CETWed 07:35PM GST
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