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En Route/Scheduled to OKBK Kuwait Int'l Airport (Kuwait City) [OKBK]
Departure Time
Arrival Time
IRA673MD80Ahvaz ()Thu 07:45AM IRDTThu 07:05AM AST
KAC204A320Allama Iqbal Int'l ()Thu 05:45AM PKTThu 06:18AM PKTThu 07:30AM AST
KAC352340Cochin Int'l (Kochi Int'l) ()Thu 06:00AM ISTThu 05:56AM ISTThu 07:33AM AST
SVA512A320King Khalid Int'l ()Thu 06:35AM ASTThu 06:51AM ASTThu 07:36AM AST
KAC302747Chatrapati Shivaji Int'l ()Thu 06:25AM ISTThu 06:50AM ISTThu 07:40AM AST
KAC332A320Thiruvananthapuram Int'l ()Thu 05:35AM ISTThu 05:33AM ISTThu 07:50AM AST
KAC344A330Chennai Int'l ()Thu 05:40AM ISTThu 05:53AM ISTThu 07:51AM AST
KAC346A320Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Int'l (Ahmadabad) ()Thu 06:00AM ISTThu 06:56AM ISTThu 07:52AM AST
FDB53B738Dubai Int'l ()Thu 07:00AM GSTThu 07:31AM GSTThu 07:52AM AST
KAC362340Bandaranaike Int'l ()Thu 05:20AM ISTThu 05:37AM ISTThu 07:56AM AST
BAW157B744London Heathrow ()Wed 10:30PM BSTThu 12:43AM BSTThu 08:11AM AST
UAE855B77WDubai Int'l ()Thu 07:45AM GSTThu 08:09AM GSTThu 08:21AM AST
KAC784A320King Abdulaziz Int'l ()Thu 06:45AM ASTThu 08:40AM AST
ETD301A321Abu Dhabi Int'l ()Thu 08:15AM GSTThu 08:50AM AST
ABY125A320Sharjah Int'l ()Thu 08:35AM GSTThu 08:55AM AST
IRA667A320Isfahan Int'l (Esfahan Shahid Beheshti Int'l) ()Thu 09:05AM IRDTThu 08:55AM AST
QTR1070B77WHamad Int'l ()Thu 07:55AM ASTThu 09:10AM AST
FDB55B738Dubai Int'l ()Thu 08:50AM GSTThu 09:30AM AST
AOT341T204Borg El Arab ()Thu 05:45AM EETThu 09:50AM AST
UAE873B77WDubai Int'l ()Thu 10:00AM GSTThu 10:29AM AST
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