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En Route/Scheduled to OJAI Queen Alia Int'l Airport (Amman) [OJAI]
Departure Time
Arrival Time
AUI761B737Boryspil Int'l ()Fri 08:15PM EESTFri 11:25PM EEST
RJA168E170Istanbul Ataturk Int'l ()Fri 08:35PM EESTFri 11:46PM EEST
RJA341E190Ben Gurion Int'l ()Fri 11:55PM IDTSat 12:34AM EEST
RJA185A330Kuala Lumpur Int'l ()Sat 12:25AM MYTSat 12:40AM MYTSat 05:05AM EEST
THY81432BIstanbul Ataturk Int'l ()Sat 02:05AM EESTSat 02:51AM EESTSat 05:15AM EEST
RJA181787Suvarnabhumi Bangkok Int'l ()Sat 12:55AM ICTSat 01:43AM ICTSat 06:10AM EEST
RJA723A321Prince Mohammad Bin Abdulaziz ()Sat 06:05AM ASTSat 07:40AM EEST
RJA511A319Khartoum Int'l ()Sat 05:15AM EATSat 07:55AM EEST
RJA705A321King Abdulaziz Int'l ()Sat 06:15AM ASTSat 08:05AM EEST
RJA508A319Cairo Int'l ()Sat 07:10AM EETSat 08:05AM EEST
RJA825A320Erbil Int'l ()Sat 06:30AM ASTSat 08:20AM EEST
RJA643A320Kuwait Int'l ()Sat 06:25AM ASTSat 08:25AM EEST
RJA301E170Aqaba Int'l (King Hussein Int'l) ()Sat 08:10AM EESTSat 08:51AM EEST
MSR719A320Cairo Int'l ()Sat 07:45AM EETSat 08:55AM EEST
FDB147B738Dubai Int'l ()Sat 07:00AM GSTSat 09:05AM EEST
RJA343A319Ben Gurion Int'l ()Sat 08:30AM IDTSat 09:07AM EEST
MEA310A320Beirut Air Base/Rafic Hariri Int'l (Beirut Int'l) ()Sat 08:10AM EESTSat 09:10AM EEST
JZR240A320Kuwait Int'l ()Sat 06:55AM ASTSat 09:15AM EEST
RJA613A320Dubai Int'l ()Sat 07:15AM GSTSat 09:15AM EEST
RJA623A319Abu Dhabi Int'l ()Sat 07:20AM GSTSat 09:20AM EEST
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