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Departures: Qaisumah Domestic Airport (Qaisumah (also known as Qaysumah)) [OEPA]
Arrival Time
SVA1480A321King Khalid Int'l ()Sat 08:10AM +03Sat 12:15PM +0312:15PM +03 (?)
SVA2001A320King Khalid Int'l ()Sun 12:56AM +03Sun 01:34AM +03Sun 01:33AM +03
SVA1482A320King Khalid Int'l ()Sun 01:11AM +03Sun 01:51AM +03Sun 01:50AM +03
SVA1480A320King Khalid Int'l ()Sun 08:01AM +03Sun 08:42AM +03Sun 08:41AM +03
SVA2002A320King Abdulaziz Int'l ()Sun 11:06AM +03Sun 12:51PM +03Sun 12:50PM +03
SVA1482A320King Khalid Int'l ()Sun 10:19PM +03Sun 11:01PM +03Sun 11:00PM +03
SVA1480A320King Khalid Int'l ()Mon 07:53AM +03Mon 02:05PM +0302:05PM +03 (?)
SVA1485A319King Abdulaziz Int'l ()Mon 08:46PM +03Mon 10:30PM +03Mon 10:30PM +03
SVA1482A321King Khalid Int'l ()Mon 11:24PM +03Tue 12:08AM +03Tue 12:07AM +03
SVA1480A321King Khalid Int'l ()Tue 07:50AM +03Tue 08:51AM +03Tue 08:51AM +03
SVA1485A320King Abdulaziz Int'l ()Tue 06:20PM +03Tue 08:01PM +03Tue 08:01PM +03
SVA1482A320King Khalid Int'l ()Tue 10:25PM +03Tue 11:06PM +03Tue 11:06PM +03
SVA1480A321King Khalid Int'l ()Wed 08:03AM +03Wed 08:40AM +03Wed 08:39AM +03
SVA1482A320King Khalid Int'l ()Wed 10:27PM +03Wed 11:22PM +03Wed 11:21PM +03
SVA1480A320King Khalid Int'l ()Thu 08:04AM +03Thu 08:44AM +03Thu 08:44AM +03
SVA1485A321King Abdulaziz Int'l ()Thu 12:58PM +03Thu 02:52PM +03Thu 02:52PM +03
SVA1482A320King Khalid Int'l ()Thu 10:33PM +03Thu 11:17PM +03Thu 11:17PM +03
SVA1482A320King Khalid Int'l ()Sat 12:28AM +03Sat 01:10AM +03Sat 01:10AM +03
SVA1480A320King Khalid Int'l ()Sat 08:00AM +03Sat 08:39AM +03Sat 08:38AM +03
SVA1485A320King Abdulaziz Int'l ()Sat 01:29PM +03Sat 03:11PM +03Sat 03:11PM +03
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