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Scheduled Departures: King Abdulaziz Int'l Airport (Jeddah) [OEJN]
Departure Time
Arrival Time
THY231B738Trabzon ()Tue 09:30AM +03Tue 03:09PM +03
PGT7670B738Istanbul Sabiha Gokcen Int'l ()Tue 09:35AM +03Tue 01:10PM +03
PTR212A320Queen Alia Int'l ()Tue 09:50AM +03Tue 11:45AM EEST
ABY146A320Sharjah Int'l ()Tue 10:00AM +03Tue 01:30PM +04
SVA2230A306Es Senia ()Tue 10:00AM +03Tue 02:00PM CET
THY5221B738Sivas ()Tue 10:40AM +03Tue 02:20PM +03
SVA1730A320Bisha Domestic ()Tue 10:45AM +03Tue 11:40AM +03
SVA631B772Queen Alia Int'l ()Tue 10:50AM +03Tue 01:08PM EEST
ETD334A320Abu Dhabi Int'l ()Tue 10:55AM +03Tue 02:30PM +04
SVA2222B744Houari Boumedienne ()Tue 11:00AM +03Tue 02:30PM CET
KNE577A320Sharm El Sheikh ()Tue 11:00AM +03Tue 11:36AM EET
SVA1114B772King Fahd Int'l ()Tue 11:00AM +03Tue 01:10PM +03
SVA1028A333King Khalid Int'l ()Tue 11:00AM +03Tue 12:41PM +03
RAM249B762Mohammed V Int'l ()Tue 11:10AM +03Tue 03:05PM WET
KNE417A320Prince Mohammad Bin Abdulaziz ()Tue 11:15AM +03Tue 12:05PM +03
FDB832B738Dubai Int'l ()Tue 11:15AM +03Tue 03:05PM +04
MSR662A330Cairo Int'l ()Tue 11:30AM +03Tue 12:30PM EET
KNE453A320Prince Nayef bin Abdulaziz Regional Airport ()Tue 11:45AM +03Tue 12:55PM +03
THY5187A343Istanbul Ataturk Int'l ()Tue 11:50AM +03Tue 03:45PM +03
SVA1030B773King Khalid Int'l ()Tue 12:00PM +03Tue 01:30PM +03
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