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Scheduled Departures: Owen Roberts/Grand Cayman Airport (George Town, Grand Cayman) [MWCR]
Departure Time
Arrival Time
CAY4003SF34Charles Kirkconnell International ()Mon 07:55AM EDTMon 09:28AM EDT
AAL1250A319Miami Intl ()Mon 09:00AM EDTMon 10:24AM EDT
TAG385LJ31Opa-locka Executive ()Mon 10:11AM EDTMon 11:20AM EDT
CAY200B733Tampa Intl ()Mon 11:40AM EDTMon 02:15PM EDT
CAY882737Goloson Int'l ()Mon 01:00PM EDTMon 01:10PM CST
CAY832737Jose Marti Int'l ()Mon 01:20PM EDTMon 03:20PM CDT
DAL698A319Hartsfield-Jackson Intl ()Mon 01:27PM EDTMon 05:01PM EDT
CAY4624DHC6Edward Bodden Airfield (Little Cayman) ()Mon 02:45PM EDTMon 04:14PM EDT
AAL378A319Miami Intl ()Mon 02:46PM EDTMon 04:09PM EDT
AAL822A319Charlotte/Douglas Intl ()Mon 03:24PM EDTMon 06:10PM EDT
CAY4425DHC6Edward Bodden Airfield (Little Cayman) ()Mon 05:10PM EDTMon 06:39PM EDT
CAY4011SF34Charles Kirkconnell International ()Mon 05:45PM EDTMon 07:18PM EDT
CAY106B732Miami Intl ()Mon 06:15PM EDTMon 08:35PM EDT
BAW252777Lynden Pindling Int'l (Nassau) ()Mon 06:40PM EDTMon 08:55PM EDT
CAY600737Norman Manley Int'l ()Tue 08:00AM EDTTue 07:50AM EST
CAY102B732Miami Intl ()Tue 08:40AM EDTTue 09:58AM EDT
CAY4421DHC6Charles Kirkconnell International ()Tue 08:55AM EDTTue 09:28AM EDT
AAL1250A319Miami Intl ()Tue 09:00AM EDTTue 10:24AM EDT
CAY4422DHC6Edward Bodden Airfield (Little Cayman) ()Tue 10:55AM EDTTue 11:24AM EDT
CAY832Jose Marti Int'l ()Tue 02:20PM EDTTue 03:10PM CDT
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