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Departures: Hermanos Ameijeiras Airport (Las Tunas) [MUVT]
Arrival Time
N5354NMc Clellan-Palomar ()Thu 09:55PM CDTThu 07:37PM PDTThu 07:38PM PDT
N80138C72RSan Luis County Rgnl ()Thu 09:37PM CDTThu 07:41PM PDTThu 07:41PM PDT
N59DLBE76Avi Suquilla ()Thu 09:31PM CDTThu 08:11PM MSTThu 08:11PM MST
AMF1000Bob Hope ()Thu 09:18PM CDTThu 06:39PM PDTThu 06:39PM PDT
N13818C172Santa Barbara Muni ()Thu 09:07PM CDTThu 06:31PM PDTThu 06:31PM PDT
N735TCC182Santa Barbara Muni ()Thu 08:58PM CDTThu 06:16PM PDTThu 06:16PM PDT
N354MAPA28Santa Barbara Muni ()Thu 08:23PM CDTThu 05:45PM PDTThu 05:46PM PDT
N722TBSo California Logistics ()Thu 08:05PM CDTThu 05:44PM PDTThu 05:44PM PDT
N2616XC414Arcata ()Thu 07:55PM CDTThu 07:16PM PDTThu 07:16PM PDT
N216DGDA40Mammoth Yosemite ()Thu 07:32PM CDTThu 06:11PM PDTThu 06:11PM PDT
N6885PC425Santa Ynez ()Thu 07:25PM CDTThu 04:42PM PDTThu 04:42PM PDT
N714GMC150Brackett Field ()Thu 07:16PM CDTThu 05:00PM PDTThu 05:00PM PDT
N7328JPA28Santa Barbara Muni ()Thu 07:09PM CDTThu 04:28PM PDTThu 04:28PM PDT
N5734VBE33Napa County ()Thu 07:07PM CDTThu 05:57PM PDTThu 05:57PM PDT
N29533C177Placerville ()Thu 06:56PM CDTThu 06:14PM PDTThu 06:17PM PDT
N29113C210Santa Ynez ()Thu 06:38PM CDTThu 04:05PM PDTThu 03:58PM PDT
N477TSanta Ynez ()Thu 06:33PM CDTThu 03:59PM PDTThu 03:54PM PDT
N592WPC550Watsonville Muni ()Thu 06:29PM CDTThu 04:23PM PDTThu 04:23PM PDT
N3713QBE35Santa Barbara Muni ()Thu 06:17PM CDTThu 03:41PM PDTThu 03:41PM PDT
N711WZM20Santa Ynez ()Thu 06:03PM CDTThu 03:24PM PDTThu 03:24PM PDT
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