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Departures: Hermanos Ameijeiras Airport (Las Tunas) [MUVT]
Arrival Time
N5224FFullerton Muni ()Sat 01:19AM CDTFri 10:59PM PDTFri 10:59PM PDT
N733EJDaugherty Field ()Sat 12:32AM CDTFri 10:03PM PDTFri 10:03PM PDT
N354MADaugherty Field ()Sat 12:27AM CDTFri 09:54PM PDTFri 09:54PM PDT
N66215C172Santa Barbara Muni ()Fri 11:58PM CDTFri 09:27PM PDTFri 09:27PM PDT
N4290BBE35Cable ()Fri 09:35PM CDTFri 07:32PM PDTFri 07:32PM PDT
N91252C172Henderson Executive ()Fri 09:31PM CDTFri 08:06PM PDTFri 08:09PM PDT
N520ZHChino ()Fri 09:30PM CDTFri 07:29PM PDTFri 07:29PM PDT
N95965Brackett Field ()Fri 09:20PM CDTFri 06:57PM PDTFri 06:59PM PDT
N245SPC25A ()Fri 09:18PM CDTSat 01:35AM UTCSat 01:35AM UTC
N5139QC210Paso Robles Muni ()Fri 09:13PM CDTFri 07:04PM PDTFri 07:04PM PDT
N5129QC210Paso Robles Muni ()Fri 09:13PM CDTFri 07:04PM PDTFri 07:04PM PDT
N508JDSR22Mammoth Yosemite ()Fri 08:59PM CDTFri 07:26PM PDTFri 07:27PM PDT
N514NGZamperini Field ()Fri 08:56PM CDTFri 06:19PM PDTFri 06:19PM PDT
N918VTC172Camarillo ()Fri 08:55PM CDTFri 07:35PM PDTFri 07:35PM PDT
N579WWSanta Monica Muni ()Fri 08:48PM CDTFri 06:09PM PDTFri 06:11PM PDT
N524CBBE58Van Nuys ()Fri 08:23PM CDTFri 05:39PM PDTFri 05:42PM PDT
N66168Santa Ynez ()Fri 08:12PM CDTFri 05:45PM PDTFri 05:45PM PDT
N97172Santa Barbara Muni ()Fri 08:03PM CDTFri 05:24PM PDTFri 05:24PM PDT
N808SJZamperini Field ()Fri 07:53PM CDTFri 05:12PM PDTFri 05:12PM PDT
N88911HELOSo California Logistics ()Fri 07:32PM CDTFri 05:07PM PDTFri 05:12PM PDT
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