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Scheduled Departures: Jose Marti Int'l Airport (Havana) [MUHA]
Departure Time
Arrival Time
AVA255A318El Dorado Int'l ()Wed 04:50PM CDTWed 06:54PM COT
CUB804AT72Rafael Cabrera ()Wed 05:15PM CDTWed 05:44PM CDT
TAI451A319El Salvador Int'l ()Wed 06:00PM CDTWed 05:36PM CST
CMP437B738Tocumen Int'l ()Wed 06:24PM CDTWed 07:55PM EST
EDW33A333Zurich (Kloten) ()Wed 07:10PM CDTThu 10:39AM CEST
CXS1726A333Barajas Int'l ()Wed 07:30PM CDTThu 10:15AM CEST
AIJ2903A320Lic. Benito Juarez Int'l ()Wed 07:50PM CDTWed 10:00PM CDT
CUB854AT72Ignacio Agramonte Int'l ()Wed 08:10PM CDTWed 09:25PM CDT
CUB976T204Frank Pais ()Wed 08:45PM CDTWed 09:55PM CDT
AEA52A332Barajas Int'l ()Wed 09:00PM CDTThu 11:58AM CEST
BPA1339767Malpensa Int'l ()Wed 09:30PM CDTThu 01:20PM CEST
CFG2185B763Frankfurt Int'l ()Wed 10:10PM CDTThu 02:05PM CEST
CFG185B763Frankfurt Int'l ()Wed 10:24PM CDTThu 01:27PM CEST
IBE6620A332Barajas Int'l ()Wed 11:15PM CDTThu 02:15PM CEST
CUB920A319Mariana Grajales ()Thu 05:30AM CDTThu 06:50AM CDT
CUB800AT43Rafael Cabrera ()Thu 05:50AM CDTThu 06:19AM CDT
CUB130A320Lic. Benito Juarez Int'l ()Thu 06:00AM CDTThu 07:27AM CDT
CUB984A320Antonio Maceo Int'l ()Thu 06:05AM CDTThu 07:20AM CDT
AMX454B738Lic. Benito Juarez Int'l ()Thu 06:10AM CDTThu 07:37AM CDT
TAE503A319Mariscal Sucre Int'l ()Thu 06:20AM CDTThu 08:40AM ECT
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