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Departures: Jose Marti Int'l Airport (Havana) [MUHA]
Arrival Time
AFR825B772Charles de Gaulle/Roissy ()Mon 07:44PM CDTTue 10:07AM CESTTue 10:07AM CEST
VIR64B744London Gatwick ()Mon 08:02PM CDTTue 08:59AM BSTTue 08:59AM BST
EDW33A330Zurich (Kloten) ()Mon 08:19PM CDTTue 11:39AM CESTTue 11:39AM CEST
AEA52B788Barajas Int'l ()Mon 09:53PM CDTTue 12:07PM CESTTue 12:07PM CEST
CFG2185B763Frankfurt Int'l ()Mon 10:01PM CDTTue 02:22PM CESTTue 12:48PM CEST
AFR943B772Charles de Gaulle/Roissy ()Mon 10:44PM CDTTue 01:11PM CESTTue 01:11PM CEST
IBE6620A332Barajas Int'l ()Mon 11:08PM CDTTue 01:39PM CESTTue 01:31PM CEST
CUB470A343Barajas Int'l ()Tue 04:08AM CDTTue 06:15PM CESTTue 06:15PM CEST
SWQ3140B738Miami Intl ()Tue 08:29AM CDTTue 09:10AM EDTTue 09:06AM EDT
SWQ702B733Miami Intl ()Tue 09:47AM CDTTue 10:26AM EDTTue 10:22AM EDT
AFL151A332Sheremetyevo Int'l ()Tue 02:25PM CDTWed 08:58AM MSKWed 08:58AM MSK
KLM724A332Amsterdam Schiphol ()Tue 04:59PM CDTWed 07:47AM CESTWed 07:47AM CEST
DYA253B763Miami Intl ()Tue 06:37PM CDTTue 07:28PM EDTTue 07:28PM EDT
AZA633A330Leonardo da Vinci Int'l (Fiumicino Int'l) ()Tue 07:49PM CDTWed 11:58AM CESTWed 11:58AM CEST
AEA52B788Barajas Int'l ()Tue 09:22PM CDTWed 11:29AM CESTWed 11:29AM CEST
FWI632A333Paris Orly ()Tue 10:16PM CDTWed 12:50PM CESTWed 12:50PM CEST
AFR943B77WCharles de Gaulle/Roissy ()Tue 11:01PM CDTWed 01:36PM CESTWed 01:36PM CEST
IBE6620A332Barajas Int'l ()Tue 11:06PM CDTWed 01:27PM CESTWed 01:27PM CEST
SWQ702B738Miami Intl ()Wed 10:01AM CDTWed 10:49AM EDTWed 10:47AM EDT
SWQ3192B738Tampa Intl ()Wed 10:13AM CDTWed 11:16AM EDTWed 11:19AM EDT
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