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En Route/Scheduled to MNMG Managua Int'l (Augusto Cesar Sandino Int'l) Airport (Managua, Managua) [MNMG]
Departure Time
Arrival Time
TAI397A320Miami Intl ()Thu 04:07PM EDTThu 04:21PM EDTThu 04:47PM CST
TAI491AT72El Salvador Int'l ()Thu 02:45PM CSTThu 03:52PM CSTThu 04:34PM CST
VAR1335El Salvador Int'l ()Thu 04:08PM CSTThu 04:15PM CSTThu 04:40PM CST
TAI315A320El Salvador Int'l ()Thu 08:20PM CSTThu 08:55PM CST
CMP461E190Juan Santamaria Int'l ()Fri 06:33AM CSTFri 07:18AM CST
CMP405E190La Aurora Int'l ()Fri 06:45AM CSTFri 07:46AM CST
CMP164E190Juan Santamaria Int'l ()Fri 05:45PM CSTFri 06:41PM CST
IBE7691B738Tocumen Int'l ()Fri 10:03PM ESTFri 10:40PM CST
TAI397A320Miami Intl ()Fri 04:07PM EDTFri 04:37PM CST
N597BAToncontin Int'l ()Thu 04:07PM CSTThu 04:32PM CST
CMP826B738Tocumen Int'l ()Sat 09:39AM ESTSat 10:17AM CST
CMP712B738Tocumen Int'l ()Sat 10:03PM ESTSat 10:40PM CST
TAI397A320Miami Intl ()Sat 04:07PM EDTSat 04:45PM CST
CMP164E190Juan Santamaria Int'l ()Sat 05:45PM CSTSat 06:41PM CST
UPS420B752Miami Intl ()Thu 08:08PM EDTThu 08:07PM CST
CMP106B738Tocumen Int'l ()Sat 12:09PM ESTSat 12:43PM CST
AAL2243B738Miami Intl ()Sat 11:12AM EDTSat 11:39AM CST
NKS439A321Fort Lauderdale Intl ()Sat 11:42PM EDTSun 12:06AM CST
CUB210AT43Jose Marti Int'l ()Sat 07:30PM CDTSat 08:35PM CST
TAI491AT72El Salvador Int'l ()Fri 02:45PM CSTFri 03:34PM CST
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