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En Route/Scheduled to MMMX Lic. Benito Juarez Int'l Airport (Mexico City) [MMMX]
Departure Time
Arrival Time
AMX22B788Barajas Int'l ()Wed 11:30PM CESTWed 11:58PM CESTThu 03:25AM CDT
AMX540B738Cancun Int'l ()Thu 01:30AM ESTThu 01:33AM ESTThu 03:36AM CDT
AMX11B788Comodoro Arturo Merino Benitez Int'l ()Wed 11:00PM CLTWed 10:11PM CLTThu 03:45AM CDT
IBE6409A346Barajas Int'l ()Wed 11:55PM CESTWed 11:55PM CESTThu 03:57AM CDT
AMX623B737Washington Dulles Intl ()Thu 12:55AM EDTThu 01:12AM EDTThu 04:11AM CDT
EAF615Ponciano Arriaga Int'l ()Thu 03:30AM CDTThu 04:17AM CDT
AIJ2993A320John F Kennedy Intl ()Thu 12:50AM EDTThu 12:53AM EDTThu 04:21AM CDT
AMX709B738El Dorado Int'l ()Thu 12:10AM COTThu 12:55AM COTThu 04:23AM CDT
AMX401B738John F Kennedy Intl ()Thu 12:45AM EDTThu 12:54AM EDTThu 04:29AM CDT
AMX649B738Los Angeles Intl ()Wed 11:30PM PDTWed 11:30PM PDTThu 04:30AM CDT
AMX683B738Chicago O'Hare Intl ()Thu 12:25AM CDTThu 01:11AM CDTThu 04:43AM CDT
AMX193B738General Abelardo L. Rodriguez Int'l ()Wed 11:47PM PDTThu 12:01AM PDTThu 04:47AM CDT
UAL1115B738San Francisco Intl ()Wed 11:10PM PDTWed 11:22PM PDTThu 04:53AM CDT
AMX491B738McCarran Intl ()Wed 11:40PM PDTWed 11:53PM PDTThu 05:00AM CDT
AMX191B738General Rodolfo Sanchez Taboada Int'l ()Thu 12:15AM PDTThu 12:24AM PDTThu 05:02AM CDT
AIJ2933A320El Dorado Int'l ()Thu 12:45AM COTThu 02:23AM COTThu 05:15AM CDT
ASA256B738Los Angeles Intl ()Thu 12:10AM PDTThu 12:23AM PDTThu 05:24AM CDT
AIJ2401A320General Abelardo L. Rodriguez Int'l ()Thu 12:15AM PDTThu 05:25AM CDT
AMX665B738San Francisco Intl ()Wed 11:05PM PDTThu 12:03AM PDTThu 05:36AM CDT
VOI810A320General Abelardo L. Rodriguez Int'l ()Thu 12:35AM PDTThu 12:40AM PDTThu 06:00AM CDT
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