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Departures: La Aurora Int'l Airport (Guatemala City) [MGGT]
Arrival Time
N400PZToncontin Int'l ()Fri 02:54PM CSTFri 03:50PM CSTFri 03:45PM CST
ABX5457Ramon Villeda Morales Int'l ()Wed 12:11PM CSTWed 12:42PM CST12:42PM CST (?)
N290GSCozumel Int'l ()Wed 12:35PM CSTWed 02:17PM ESTWed 02:36PM EST
N150GFLa Romana Int'l ()Sat 02:26PM CSTSat 07:06PM AST07:06PM AST (?)
N349PHSan Jose ()Sat 12:27AM CSTSat 09:41AM CST09:41AM CST (?)
N17WGMiami Executive ()Sun 10:45AM CSTSun 01:18PM EDTSun 01:17PM EDT
N34CEJuan Manuel Galvez Int'l (Roatan Int'l) ()Wed 01:48PM CSTWed 02:40PM CSTWed 02:49PM CST
N9177VCozumel Int'l ()Mon 07:00AM CSTMon 08:59AM EST08:59AM EST (?)
TG-SILJuan Manuel Galvez Int'l (Roatan Int'l) ()Wed 12:57PM CSTWed 02:20PM CSTWed 01:55PM CST
RPN807Alexandria Intl ()Thu 12:12PM CSTThu 03:34PM CDT03:34PM CDT (?)
TG-EMEMiami Executive ()Sat 07:39AM CSTSat 01:29PM EDT01:29PM EDT (?)
LTG8473Miami Intl ()Sun 07:56AM CSTSun 12:04PM EDTSun 12:04PM EDT
LTG8487Miami Intl ()Sun 08:53AM CSTSun 01:09PM EDTSun 01:02PM EDT
RCH758Pope Aaf ()Thu 05:34PM CSTWed 11:21PM EDT11:21PM EDT (-1) (?)
N349PHPuerto Barrios ()Fri 12:06AM CSTFri 05:36AM CST05:36AM CST (?)
N3EKJuan Manuel Galvez Int'l (Roatan Int'l) ()Thu 08:32AM CSTThu 09:25AM CSTThu 09:33AM CST
RPN802Miami Intl ()Fri 11:55AM CSTFri 03:57PM EDT03:57PM EDT (?)
RPN807Managua Int'l (Augusto Cesar Sandino Int'l) ()Wed 10:19AM CSTWed 11:01AM CST11:01AM CST (?)
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