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Departures: Istanbul Sabiha Gokcen Int'l Airport (Istanbul) [LTFJ]
Arrival Time
PGT4212B738İzmir Adnan Menderes Int'l ()Sat 04:04PM EETSat 04:55PM EET
PGT142B738Antalya ()Sat 03:38PM EETSat 04:24PM EET
PGT627A320Basle-Mulhouse ()Sat 03:35PM EETSat 05:00PM CET
PGT776B738Pashkovsky ()Sat 02:57PM EETSat 05:45PM MSK
PGT325B738Stuttgart Echterdingen ()Sat 02:56PM EETSat 04:35PM CET
THY2972A320Ankara Esenboğa Havalimanı Int'l ()Sat 02:54PM EETSat 03:32PM EETSat 03:32PM EET
PGT4164B738Kayseri Erkilet Int'l ()Sat 02:48PM EETSat 03:40PM EET03:40PM EET (?)
PGT118B738İzmir Adnan Menderes Int'l ()Sat 02:41PM EETSat 03:40PM EET03:40PM EET (?)
PGT317A320Dusseldorf Int'l ()Sat 01:58PM EETSat 03:46PM CET
PGT873B738Paris Orly ()Sat 01:56PM EETSat 03:55PM CET
THY2910B738İzmir Adnan Menderes Int'l ()Sat 01:52PM EETSat 02:34PM EETSat 02:34PM EET
PGT4458B738Oğuzeli ()Sat 01:50PM EETSat 03:05PM EET03:05PM EET (?)
KNE556A320King Abdulaziz Int'l ()Sat 01:28PM EETSat 05:50PM AST
PGT4128B738Adana Şakirpaşa ()Sat 01:25PM EETSat 02:35PM EET02:35PM EET (?)
PGT827A320Nuremberg ()Sat 01:20PM EETSat 02:44PM CETSat 02:44PM CET
PGT108B738Ankara Esenboğa Havalimanı Int'l ()Sat 01:19PM EETSat 02:03PM EET02:03PM EET (?)
ETD98A319Abu Dhabi Int'l ()Sat 01:18PM EETSat 07:56PM GST
PGT416A320Saint ()Sat 01:15PM EETSat 03:25PM CET
PGT264B738Muş ()Sat 01:06PM EETSat 02:15PM EET02:15PM EET (?)
PGT144B738Antalya ()Sat 12:55PM EETSat 01:43PM EETSat 01:44PM EET
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