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Departures: Istanbul Ataturk Int'l Airport (Istanbul) [LTBA]
Arrival Time
THY2122A333Ankara Esenboğa Havalimanı Int'l ()Sun 06:50AM EETSun 07:40AM EET
THY690A321Cairo Int'l ()Sun 06:48AM EETSun 08:59AM EET
THY2216A320Adiyaman ()Sun 06:41AM EETSun 07:55AM EET
THY2630B738Malatya Erhac ()Sun 06:38AM EETSun 07:44AM EET
AFR1391A319Charles de Gaulle/Roissy ()Sun 06:33AM EETSun 08:38AM CET
KZR892A320Aktau ()Sun 06:32AM EETSun 01:07PM ALMT
DLH1305A321Frankfurt Int'l ()Sun 06:29AM EETSun 07:55AM CET
AUI716B735Boryspil Int'l ()Sun 06:25AM EETSun 08:01AM EET
THY2246B738Sanliurfa ()Sun 06:24AM EETSun 07:42AM EET
THY2552B738Dalaman ()Sun 06:18AM EETSun 06:57AM EET
THY2576A320Denizli Cardak ()Sun 06:16AM EETSun 06:49AM EET
THY2032A319Konya ()Sun 06:14AM EETSun 06:54AM EET
KLM1610B737Amsterdam Schiphol ()Sun 06:02AM EETSun 08:01AM CET
QTR236A333Hamad Int'l ()Sun 05:59AM EETSun 10:29AM AST
THY2200A320Kahramanmaraş ()Sun 05:58AM EETSun 06:57AM EET
THY2806A321Samsun ()Sun 05:50AM EETSun 06:46AM EET
THY2682A320Batman ()Sun 05:48AM EETSun 07:18AM EET
THY2454B738Adana Şakirpaşa ()Sun 05:46AM EETSun 06:45AM EET
THY2220A319Oğuzeli ()Sun 05:45AM EETSun 06:52AM EET
THY2252B738Hatay ()Sun 05:43AM EETSun 06:49AM EET
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