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Arrivals: Istanbul Ataturk Int'l Airport (Istanbul) [LTBA]
THY2305B738İzmir Adnan Menderes Int'l ()Tue 04:12AM EETTue 04:56AM EET
THY2403B738Antalya ()Tue 04:02AM EETTue 05:00AM EET
THY2451B738Near NevşehirTue 04:21AM EETTue 05:25AM EET
THY113A321Near PaphosTue 04:10AM EETTue 05:35AM EET
THY2237B738Oğuzeli ()Tue 04:12AM EETTue 05:39AM EET
THY697A321Borg El Arab ()Tue 04:06AM EETTue 06:00AM EET
THY693A321Near PaphosTue 04:39AM EETTue 06:09AM EET
THY2107B739Near AnkaraTue 05:20AM EETTue 06:11AM EET
THY805A321Erbil Int'l ()Tue 04:50AM ASTTue 06:13AM EET
THY775A321Near NakhichevanTue 05:42AM IRSTTue 06:21AM EET
THY965B738Ercan Int'l ()Tue 05:08AM EETTue 06:26AM EET
THY883A321Tabriz Int'l ()Tue 05:44AM IRSTTue 06:38AM EET
THY2301B738İzmir Adnan Menderes Int'l ()Tue 05:53AM EETTue 06:41AM EET
THY703A321Hurghada ()Tue 04:16AM EETTue 06:46AM EET
THY873A321Imam Khomeini Int'l ()Tue 05:25AM IRSTTue 06:50AM EET
THY2581B738Denizli Cardak ()Tue 06:05AM EETTue 06:55AM EET
KK6241Near Merzifon, AmasyaTue 05:59AM EETTue 06:58AM EET
THY420B738Vnukovo ()Tue 05:45AM MSKTue 07:01AM EET
THY2855B738Amasya Merzifon ()Tue 06:01AM EETTue 07:01AM EET
THY2819B738Near KastamonuTue 06:22AM EETTue 07:12AM EET
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