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Arrivals: Istanbul Ataturk Int'l Airport (Istanbul) [LTBA]
THY2839B738Trabzon ()Sun 06:55AM EETSun 08:20AM EET
SMR103B739Dushanbe ()Sun 06:21AM TJTSun 08:08AM EET
THY793A321Ben Gurion Int'l ()Sun 06:16AM ISTSun 08:03AM EET
THY2055A319Zafer Airport ()Sun 07:27AM EETSun 08:00AM EET
PGT2810B738İzmir Adnan Menderes Int'l ()Sun 07:18AM EETSun 07:58AM EET
THY819A319Aqaba Int'l (King Hussein Int'l) ()Sun 04:54AM EETSun 07:56AM EET
THY2113B739Ankara Esenboğa Havalimanı Int'l ()Sun 07:08AM EETSun 07:54AM EET
THY2453B738Adana Şakirpaşa ()Sun 06:35AM EETSun 07:53AM EET
THY99A332Prince Mohammad Bin Abdulaziz ()Sun 05:14AM ASTSun 07:50AM EET
THY1842A319Athens Int'l, Eleftherios Venizelos ()Sun 06:51AM EETSun 07:48AM EET
THY2043A332Konya ()Sun 06:58AM EETSun 07:46AM EET
THY2307B738İzmir Adnan Menderes Int'l ()Sun 07:02AM EETSun 07:43AM EET
THY2405B738Antalya ()Sun 06:49AM EETSun 07:40AM EET
KKK651A320Zvartnots Int'l ()Sun 07:37AM AMTSun 07:28AM EET
THY25B77WTaiwan Taoyuan Int'l ()Sun 01:27AM CSTSun 07:25AM EET
THY1042A320Near BucharestSun 06:33AM EETSun 07:20AM EET
THY2189B738Ankara Esenboğa Havalimanı Int'l ()Sun 06:30AM EETSun 07:18AM EET
THY2855A321Amasya Merzifon ()Sun 06:12AM EETSun 07:16AM EET
SIA392B772Singapore Changi ()Sun 02:26AM SGTSun 07:11AM EET
THY703A321Hurghada ()Sun 04:11AM EETSun 07:08AM EET
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