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Arrivals: Zurich (Kloten) Airport (Zurich) [LSZH]
CFE8769E170London City ()Thu 06:38PM BSTThu 08:47PM CEST
EWG7764A320Hamburg ()Thu 07:41PM CESTThu 08:46PM CEST
AUA919DH8DDresden Klotzsche ()Thu 08:37PM CESTThu 08:46PM CEST
EWG9768A320Dusseldorf Int'l ()Thu 07:51PM CESTThu 08:42PM CEST
SWR1327A320Domodedovo Int'l ()Thu 06:26PM MSKThu 08:38PM CEST
SWR1059A320Hamburg ()Thu 07:27PM CESTThu 08:33PM CEST
ASL374A320Belgrade Nikola Tesla Int'l ()Thu 06:55PM CESTThu 08:32PM CEST
SWR789A320Brussels ()Thu 07:43PM CESTThu 08:32PM CEST
UAE85A388Dubai Int'l ()Thu 04:25PM +04Thu 08:29PM CEST
VLG7983A320Lisbon / Lisboa,Portela (Lisbon) ()Thu 05:12PM WESTThu 08:26PM CEST
SWR971Tegel Int'l ()Thu 06:57PM CESTThu 08:23PM CEST
SWR1583A321Vienna Int'l (Schwechat) ()Thu 07:20PM CESTThu 08:23PM CEST
SWR168Amerigo Vespucci (Florence) ()Thu 07:29PM CESTThu 08:23PM CEST
SWR759Luxembourg Int'l ()Thu 07:31PM CESTThu 08:22PM CEST
OAW971F100Tegel Int'l ()Thu 07:04PM CESTThu 08:21PM CEST
OAW1681E190Amerigo Vespucci (Florence) ()Thu 07:23PM CESTThu 08:20PM CEST
GSW3019A321Skopje "Alexander the Great" Airport ()Thu 06:08PM CESTThu 08:19PM CEST
SWR2581A320Thessaloniki Int'l, Makedonia ()Thu 06:58PM EESTThu 08:16PM CEST
SWR2815A319Geneva Cointrin Int'l ()Thu 07:36PM CESTThu 08:16PM CEST
SWR325A320London Heathrow ()Thu 05:59PM BSTThu 08:14PM CEST
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