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Departures: Geneva Cointrin Int'l Airport (Geneva) [LSGG]
Arrival Time
EZY6908A319Edinburgh ()Fri 10:38PM CETFri 11:31PM GMTFri 11:25PM GMT
TAP947A319Porto / Oporto ()Fri 10:33PM CETFri 11:32PM WETFri 11:32PM WET
EZY2068A319London Luton ()Fri 10:22PM CETFri 10:34PM GMTFri 10:40PM GMT
EZY8485A320London Gatwick ()Fri 10:20PM CETFri 10:34PM GMTFri 10:27PM GMT
SWR1338A320Domodedovo Int'l ()Fri 10:17PM CETSat 03:32AM MSKSat 03:32AM MSK
EZY6160A319Bristol Int'l ()Fri 10:15PM CETFri 10:42PM GMTFri 10:37PM GMT
EZY1595A320Berlin ()Fri 10:10PM CETFri 11:38PM CETFri 11:28PM CET
EZY1457A320Porto / Oporto ()Fri 10:08PM CETFri 11:10PM WETFri 11:05PM WET
BEL2724A319Brussels ()Fri 10:06PM CETFri 11:01PM CETFri 11:03PM CET
AFL2383A320Sheremetyevo Int'l ()Fri 10:05PM CETSat 03:20AM MSKSat 03:20AM MSK
EZY1954A320Manchester ()Fri 10:00PM CETFri 10:32PM GMTFri 10:27PM GMT
EZY1345A319Leonardo da Vinci Int'l (Fiumicino Int'l) ()Fri 09:42PM CETFri 10:53PM CETFri 10:42PM CET
SAS618A320Copenhagen ()Fri 09:36PM CETFri 11:15PM CETFri 11:14PM CET
BAW737A319London Heathrow ()Fri 09:30PM CETFri 09:52PM GMTFri 09:52PM GMT
EIN689A320Dublin Int'l ()Fri 09:27PM CETFri 10:20PM GMTFri 10:16PM GMT
AUA582F100Vienna Int'l (Schwechat) ()Fri 09:23PM CETFri 10:38PM CETFri 10:38PM CET
EZY7292A320Liverpool John Lennon ()Fri 09:15PM CETFri 09:52PM GMTFri 09:48PM GMT
SWR358A320London Heathrow ()Fri 09:08PM CETFri 09:31PM GMTFri 09:31PM GMT
AFR1043A321Charles de Gaulle/Roissy ()Fri 09:00PM CETFri 09:40PM CETFri 09:39PM CET
SWR2819A319Zurich (Kloten) ()Fri 08:56PM CETFri 09:30PM CETFri 09:30PM CET
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