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Scheduled Departures: Lisbon / Lisboa,Portela (Lisbon) Airport (Lisbon) [LPPT]
Departure Time
Arrival Time
TAP616A319Brussels ()Mon 08:15AM WETMon 11:50AM CET
TAP784A320Stockholm-Arlanda ()Mon 08:20AM WETMon 01:30PM CET
WHT1062AT72Bilbao ()Mon 08:20AM WETMon 11:05AM CET
WHT1094AT72Valencia ()Mon 08:20AM WETMon 11:05AM CET
TAP866A320Marco Polo Int'l (Marco Polo Venice) ()Mon 08:25AM WETMon 12:10PM CET
IBE3101A319Barajas Int'l ()Mon 08:25AM WETMon 10:30AM CET
TAP578A320Frankfurt Int'l ()Mon 08:25AM WETMon 12:25PM CET
WHT1140AT72Vigo-Peinador ()Mon 08:30AM WETMon 10:20AM CET
LGL3760B738Luxembourg Int'l ()Mon 08:40AM WETMon 12:05PM CET
PGA462E190Bordeaux-Merignac ()Mon 08:40AM WETMon 11:30AM CET
PGA412E190Nantes Atlantique ()Mon 08:40AM WETMon 11:35AM CET
TAP544A319Dusseldorf Int'l ()Mon 08:45AM WETMon 12:30PM CET
VLG8461A321Barcelona Int'l ()Mon 08:45AM WETMon 11:25AM CET
TAP932A320Zurich (Kloten) ()Mon 08:50AM WETMon 12:30PM CET
TAP692A319Luxembourg Int'l ()Mon 08:50AM WETMon 12:25PM CET
TAP872A319Bologna (Guglielmo Marconi) ()Mon 08:50AM WETMon 12:30PM CET
TAP1040A320Barcelona Int'l ()Mon 09:00AM WETMon 11:40AM CET
EZY1446A319Geneva Cointrin Int'l ()Mon 09:00AM WETMon 12:20PM CET
PGA1930E190Porto / Oporto ()Mon 09:00AM WETMon 09:45AM WET
EZS1446Geneva Cointrin Int'l ()Mon 09:00AM WETMon 12:20PM CET
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