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Departures: Porto / Oporto Airport (Francisco Sa Carneiro Int.) [LPPR]
Arrival Time
TVF4RCParis Orly ()Mon 06:35PM WETMon 09:18PM CETMon 09:18PM CET
RYR989London Stansted ()Mon 07:00PM WETMon 09:12PM GMTMon 09:12PM GMT
BCS8213Brussels ()Mon 08:08PM WETMon 11:16PM CETMon 11:16PM CET
AAF316DParis Orly ()Mon 08:28PM WETMon 11:15PM CETMon 11:15PM CET
EZY94MNLondon Gatwick ()Mon 08:47PM WETMon 10:48PM GMTMon 10:48PM GMT
RZO9471Lisbon / Lisboa,Portela (Lisbon) ()Mon 09:03PM WETTue 12:50AM WETTue 12:50AM WET
TAY247BLiege ()Mon 09:54PM WETTue 01:09AM CETTue 01:09AM CET
ENT539Ajaccio Campo dell'Oro ()Mon 10:48PM WETTue 01:45AM CETTue 01:45AM CET
SRR6646Lisbon / Lisboa,Portela (Lisbon) ()Tue 06:11AM WETTue 06:44AM WETTue 06:44AM WET
EZY7585A320Madeira Int'l (Funchal) ()Tue 06:12AM WETTue 08:13AM WETTue 08:03AM WET
EZY1452A320Geneva Cointrin Int'l ()Tue 06:27AM WETTue 09:38AM CETTue 09:33AM CET
RYR2093B738Lisbon / Lisboa,Portela (Lisbon) ()Tue 06:30AM WETTue 07:07AM WETTue 07:02AM WET
RYR8344B738London Stansted ()Tue 06:44AM WETTue 08:50AM GMTTue 08:49AM GMT
EZY1132A320Basle-Mulhouse ()Tue 06:55AM WETTue 10:11AM CETTue 10:07AM CET
RYR2065B738Dortmund ()Tue 07:08AM WETTue 10:43AM CETTue 10:42AM CET
RYR9135B738Beauvais Tille ()Tue 07:14AM WETTue 10:10AM CETTue 10:09AM CET
RYR5478B738Baden Airpark ()Tue 09:20AM WETTue 12:44PM CETTue 12:43PM CET
RYR2929B738Brussels ()Tue 09:25AM WETTue 12:43PM CETTue 12:42PM CET
EZY2098A319London Luton ()Tue 09:51AM WETTue 12:16PM GMTTue 12:11PM GMT
EZY1990A319Manchester ()Tue 09:58AM WETTue 12:26PM GMTTue 12:22PM GMT
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