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Departures: Vienna Int'l (Schwechat) Airport (Vienna) [LOWW]
Arrival Time
AUA771F70Belgrade Nikola Tesla Int'l ()Wed 06:31AM CETWed 07:15AM CET
DLH1247A319Frankfurt Int'l ()Wed 06:27AM CETWed 07:24AM CET
AFL2355A320Sheremetyevo Int'l ()Wed 12:17AM CETWed 04:45AM MSKWed 04:45AM MSK
AUA25B772Suvarnabhumi Bangkok Int'l ()Tue 11:41PM CETWed 03:06PM ICT
AUA775A320Skopje ()Tue 11:02PM CETWed 12:16AM CETWed 12:16AM CET
AUA975F100Graz (Thalerhof) ()Tue 10:54PM CETTue 11:19PM CETTue 11:19PM CET
AUA641A320Zvartnots Int'l ()Tue 10:38PM CETWed 04:26AM AMT04:26AM AMT (+1) (?)
AUA849A320Rinas Mother Teresa ()Tue 10:22PM CETTue 11:35PM CETTue 11:35PM CET
UAE126B77WDubai Int'l ()Tue 10:22PM CETWed 06:37AM GSTWed 06:36AM GST
AUA957DH8DLinz (Blue Danube) ()Tue 10:18PM CETTue 10:44PM CETTue 10:44PM CET
AUA919DH8DSalzburg (W. A. Mozart) ()Tue 09:47PM CETTue 10:19PM CETTue 10:19PM CET
BEL2908A320Brussels ()Tue 09:27PM CETTue 10:49PM CETTue 10:48PM CET
LGL8858DH8DLuxembourg Int'l ()Tue 09:23PM CETTue 10:36PM CETTue 10:26PM CET
AUA717DH8DBudapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport ()Tue 09:18PM CETTue 09:54PM CETTue 09:54PM CET
AUA605A320Domodedovo Int'l ()Tue 09:16PM CETWed 01:40AM MSKWed 01:40AM MSK
GWI2757A319Stuttgart Echterdingen ()Tue 09:01PM CETTue 09:53PM CETTue 09:53PM CET
AUA767A320Bucharest Henri Coandă Int'l ()Tue 08:55PM CETTue 11:06PM EETTue 11:06PM EET
EZY5354A319London Gatwick ()Tue 08:54PM CETTue 10:16PM GMTTue 10:09PM GMT
AUA577F70Geneva Cointrin Int'l ()Tue 08:53PM CETTue 10:15PM CETTue 10:15PM CET
ADR137A319Brnik (Ljubljana) ()Tue 08:52PM CETTue 09:23PM CETTue 09:23PM CET
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