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Cancelled Arrivals: Vienna Int'l (Schwechat) Airport (Vienna) [LOWW]
AUA608F100Pashkovsky ()Sat 07:10PM SAMT
AUA830A319Erbil Int'l ()Tue 08:05PM AST
RJA127A320Queen Alia Int'l ()
AUA736DH8DBelgrade Nikola Tesla Int'l ()Tue 07:40PM CEST
AUA774F100Belgrade Nikola Tesla Int'l ()Sun 04:40PM CEST
AUA658F70Chişinău Int'l ()
THY1887330Istanbul Ataturk Int'l ()Sat 07:25PM EEST
AUA576F70Geneva Cointrin Int'l ()Sat 09:50PM CEST
AUA788F100Bucharest Henri Coandă Int'l ()Sun 10:30PM EEST
AUA924DH8DSalzburg (W. A. Mozart) ()Fri 07:25PM CEST
AUA958DH8DLinz (Blue Danube) ()Thu 06:30AM CEST
AUA958DH8DLinz (Blue Danube) ()
AUA958DH8DLinz (Blue Danube) ()
AUA934DH8DKlagenfurt (Woerthersee) ()Sun 09:15AM CEST
AUA970DH8DGraz (Thalerhof) ()Sat 09:15AM CEST
AUA978DH8DGraz (Thalerhof) ()Wed 07:15PM CEST
AUA970DH8DGraz (Thalerhof) ()
AUA706DH8DPrague Ruzyne Int'l ()Sat 12:20PM CEST
AUA550DH8DBologna (Guglielmo Marconi) ()Thu 09:10PM CEST
AUA718F70Budapest Ferihegy Int'l ()
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