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Departures: Naples Int'l (Capodichino) Airport (Naples) [LIRN]
Arrival Time
RYR5711B738Barcelona Int'l ()Tue 04:43PM CESTTue 05:38PM CEST
WZZ3154A321Bucharest Henri Coandă Int'l ()Tue 04:40PM CESTTue 07:01PM EEST
SBI606A321Domodedovo Int'l ()Tue 04:38PM CESTTue 08:48PM MSK
AZA1270A319Leonardo da Vinci Int'l (Fiumicino Int'l) ()Tue 04:18PM CESTTue 04:51PM CESTTue 04:46PM CEST
EZY4576A319Berlin ()Tue 04:04PM CESTTue 06:13PM CEST
AZA1292A319Linate ()Tue 03:46PM CESTTue 04:47PM CESTTue 04:47PM CEST
WZZ4370A321Sofia Airport ()Tue 03:33PM CESTTue 05:49PM EESTTue 05:46PM EEST
EZY995A320Marco Polo Int'l (Marco Polo Venice) ()Tue 03:30PM CESTTue 04:46PM CESTTue 04:42PM CEST
EZY4803A319Catania-Fontanarossa Airport ()Tue 03:30PM CESTTue 04:21PM CEST04:21PM CEST (?)
DWT1705AT72Catania-Fontanarossa Airport ()Tue 03:10PM CESTTue 04:17PM CESTTue 04:17PM CEST
AZA1217A319Turin Int'l (Torino Caselle) ()Tue 02:56PM CESTTue 04:07PM CESTTue 04:07PM CEST
WZZ1158A320Int'l Katowice in Pyrzowice ()Tue 02:51PM CESTTue 04:41PM CESTTue 04:26PM CEST
EZY4819A320Olbia-Costa Smeralda ()Tue 02:51PM CESTTue 03:42PM CEST03:42PM CEST (?)
AEE659A320Athens Int'l, Eleftherios Venizelos ()Tue 02:48PM CESTTue 05:02PM EESTTue 05:02PM EEST
RYR6836B738Valencia ()Tue 02:44PM CESTTue 04:51PM CEST
GWI3863A319Hanover/Langenhagen Int'l ()Tue 02:43PM CESTTue 04:35PM CESTTue 04:35PM CEST
AZA1288A319Linate ()Tue 02:40PM CESTTue 03:41PM CESTTue 03:41PM CEST
SAZ73Berne ()Tue 02:24PM CESTTue 03:53PM CESTTue 03:53PM CEST
BEL3170A319Brussels ()Tue 02:21PM CESTTue 04:26PM CESTTue 04:26PM CEST
EIN451A320Dublin Int'l ()Tue 02:19PM CESTTue 04:13PM IST
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