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Departures: Naples Int'l (Capodichino) Airport (Naples) [LIRN]
Arrival Time
EZY2898A319Malpensa Int'l ()Fri 10:00PM CETFri 11:20PM CET
EZY2900A319Malpensa Int'l ()Fri 09:37PM CETFri 10:45PM CET
AZA1296A320Linate ()Fri 07:57PM CETFri 08:59PM CETFri 08:58PM CET
EZY4803A319Catania-Fontanarossa Airport ()Fri 07:56PM CETFri 08:39PM CETFri 08:29PM CET
AZA1211A319Turin Int'l (Torino Caselle) ()Fri 07:43PM CETFri 08:54PM CETFri 08:54PM CET
AZA1270A320Leonardo da Vinci Int'l (Fiumicino Int'l) ()Fri 07:42PM CETFri 08:19PM CETFri 08:19PM CET
EZY997A319Marco Polo Int'l (Marco Polo Venice) ()Fri 07:38PM CETFri 08:36PM CETFri 08:26PM CET
DWT1207AT43Palermo Int'l (Punta Raisi Falcone-Borsellino) ()Fri 07:15PM CETFri 08:05PM CETFri 08:05PM CET
BAW2613A319London Gatwick ()Fri 07:05PM CETFri 08:39PM GMTFri 08:39PM GMT
DLH1929A320Munich Int'l ()Fri 06:50PM CETFri 08:09PM CETFri 08:10PM CET
EZY995A319Marco Polo Int'l (Marco Polo Venice) ()Fri 06:27PM CETFri 07:30PM CETFri 07:20PM CET
CAT1290E170Linate ()Fri 06:06PM CETFri 07:10PM CETFri 07:10PM CET
EZY2896A319Malpensa Int'l ()Fri 05:35PM CETFri 07:00PM CETFri 06:50PM CET
CAT1294E170Linate ()Fri 03:40PM CETFri 04:46PM CETFri 04:46PM CET
EZY2894A319Malpensa Int'l ()Fri 03:37PM CETFri 04:47PM CETFri 04:52PM CET
DWT1276AT43Leonardo da Vinci Int'l (Fiumicino Int'l) ()Fri 03:26PM CETFri 04:06PM CETFri 04:06PM CET
EZY1126A319Bale Mulhouse ()Fri 03:18PM CETFri 05:06PM CETFri 04:56PM CET
OAW1711F100Zurich (Kloten) ()Fri 03:02PM CETFri 04:34PM CETFri 04:34PM CET
VLG650132ABarcelona Int'l ()Fri 02:58PM CETFri 04:39PM CETFri 04:36PM CET
AZA1217A319Turin Int'l (Torino Caselle) ()Fri 02:46PM CETFri 04:00PM CETFri 04:00PM CET
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