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En Route/Scheduled to LIRA Ciampino (Giovan Battista Pastine) Airport (Rome) [LIRA]
Departure Time
Arrival Time
RYR3018B738Cologne Bonn ()Sun 10:50AM CESTSun 10:57AM CESTSun 12:17PM CEST
RYR3002B738London Stansted ()Sun 08:55AM BSTSun 09:20AM BSTSun 12:30PM CEST
RYR9678B738Valencia ()Sun 10:35AM CESTSun 10:41AM CESTSun 12:33PM CEST
RYR9777B738Goteborg ()Sun 10:25AM CESTSun 10:24AM CESTSun 01:14PM CEST
WZZ3725A320Targu Mures Int'l ()Sun 12:35PM EESTSun 01:25PM CEST
WZZ3385A320Cluj-Napoca Int'l (Someşeni) ()Sun 01:00PM EESTSun 01:45PM CEST
RYR8417B738Budapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport ()Sun 01:05PM CESTSun 02:40PM CEST
WZZ3675A320Iasi Int'l ()Sun 01:50PM EESTSun 03:00PM CEST
RYR2097B738Lisbon / Lisboa,Portela (Lisbon) ()Sun 11:30AM WESTSun 03:15PM CEST
RYR7205B738Palma de Mallorca (or Son Sant Joan) ()Sun 01:55PM CESTSun 03:30PM CEST
RYR9602B738Barajas Int'l ()Sun 01:30PM CESTSun 03:50PM CEST
RYR7183B738Poznań-Ławica ()Sun 02:10PM CESTSun 04:10PM CEST
RYR9156B738Santander ()Sun 02:25PM CESTSun 04:30PM CEST
RYR406B738Copenhagen ()Sun 02:10PM CESTSun 04:30PM CEST
RYR9616B738Eindhoven ()Sun 02:30PM CESTSun 04:30PM CEST
RYR3072B738London Stansted ()Sun 01:55PM BSTSun 05:15PM CEST
RYR9663B738Krakow Int'l ()Sun 03:55PM CESTSun 05:45PM CEST
RYR9652B738East Midlands ()Sun 03:35PM BSTSun 07:05PM CEST
WZZ1143A320Int'l Katowice in Pyrzowice ()Sun 05:25PM CESTSun 07:15PM CEST
RYR3014B738London Stansted ()Sun 04:10PM BSTSun 07:30PM CEST
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