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Scheduled Departures: Kos Island Int'l, Ippokratis (Hippocrates) Airport (Kos) [LGKO]
Departure Time
Arrival Time
AEE221A320Athens Int'l, Eleftherios Venizelos ()Sun 06:35AM EESTSun 07:25AM EEST
TVS1127B738Prague Ruzyne Int'l ()Sun 09:20AM EESTSun 11:05AM CEST
CFG1151A320Hanover/Langenhagen Int'l ()Sun 09:55AM EESTSun 12:10PM CEST
BTI1591B733Frankfurt Int'l ()Sun 11:10AM EESTSun 01:15PM CEST
TRA5042B738Amsterdam Schiphol ()Sun 11:20AM EESTSun 02:07PM CEST
OAL223DH8DAthens Int'l, Eleftherios Venizelos ()Sun 11:45AM EESTSun 12:30PM EEST
BER3617A319Zurich (Kloten) ()Sun 11:45AM EESTSun 01:35PM CEST
RYR5014B738Krakow Int'l ()Sun 12:10PM EESTSun 01:35PM CEST
CFG1655A321Leipzig/Halle ()Sun 12:30PM EESTSun 02:20PM CEST
TRA5916B737Eindhoven ()Sun 01:10PM EESTSun 03:35PM CEST
JAF7294B738Brussels ()Sun 01:25PM EESTSun 03:50PM CEST
OAW7313E190Zurich (Kloten) ()Sun 03:00PM EESTSun 05:00PM CEST
BTI1609B733Munich Int'l ()Sun 04:30PM EESTSun 06:10PM CEST
OAL227DH8DAthens Int'l, Eleftherios Venizelos ()Sun 05:20PM EESTSun 06:05PM EEST
RYR2229B738Kaunas Int'l ()Sun 06:20PM EESTSun 09:25PM EEST
BSY185AT43Heraklion Int'l, Nikos Kazantzakis ()Sun 06:30PM EESTSun 07:20PM EEST
RYR7053B738Galileo Galilei (Pisa Int'l) ()Sun 08:10PM EESTSun 09:50PM CEST
LGL864B738Luxembourg Int'l ()Sun 08:25PM EESTSun 10:30PM CEST
CFG1621A320Dusseldorf Int'l ()Sun 08:25PM EESTSun 10:45PM CEST
CFG1725B752Manchester ()Sun 09:00PM EESTSun 11:05PM BST
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