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En Route/Scheduled to LGAV Athens Int'l, Eleftherios Venizelos Airport (Athens) [LGAV]
Departure Time
Arrival Time
OAL271DH8DChios Island National ()Wed 07:40AM EETWed 08:15AM EET
OAL241DH8DSamos Int'l, Aristarchos ()Wed 07:35AM EETWed 08:20AM EET
ELY541B738Ben Gurion Int'l ()Wed 07:00AM ISTWed 07:14AM ISTWed 08:50AM EET
OAL97DH8DKarpathos Island National ()Wed 08:00AM EETWed 08:50AM EET
RYR1233B738Santorini (Thira) National ()Wed 08:20AM EETWed 08:40AM EETWed 08:51AM EET
OAL251DH8DMytilene Int'l, Odysseas Elytis ()Wed 08:15AM EETWed 08:51AM EET
OAL221DH8DKos Island Int'l, Ippokratis (Hippocrates) ()Wed 08:15AM EETWed 09:00AM EET
THY1845B739Istanbul Ataturk Int'l ()Wed 07:30AM EETWed 08:17AM EETWed 09:03AM EET
AEE105A320Thessaloniki Int'l, Makedonia ()Wed 08:25AM EETWed 08:37AM EETWed 09:04AM EET
RYR1011B738Thessaloniki Int'l, Makedonia ()Wed 08:20AM EETWed 08:47AM EETWed 09:05AM EET
OAL5DH8BNaxos Island National ()Wed 08:25AM EETWed 09:06AM EET
OAL63DH8BParos National ()Wed 08:35AM EETWed 09:12AM EET
AEE913A320Larnaca Int'l ()Wed 08:00AM EETWed 08:04AM EETWed 09:23AM EET
OAL401DH8DIoannis Kapodistrias Int'l ()Wed 08:30AM EETWed 09:25AM EET
OAL141DH8DAlexandroupolis Int'l, Dimokritos (Democritus) ()Wed 08:30AM EETWed 09:25AM EET
BMS561B734Larnaca Int'l ()Wed 08:15AM EETWed 08:24AM EETWed 09:50AM EET
RYR170B738Berlin ()Wed 06:20AM CETWed 06:25AM CETWed 10:05AM EET
CCA961330Munich Int'l ()Wed 06:55AM CETWed 07:29AM CETWed 10:31AM EET
TRA6867B737Amsterdam Schiphol ()Wed 06:45AM CETWed 06:55AM CETWed 10:40AM EET
QTR209A332Hamad Int'l ()Wed 07:15AM ASTWed 07:52AM ASTWed 11:17AM EET
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